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Pik Sha Road Apartments and Living in Sai Kung

Pik Sha Road, a style of comfort

Pik Sha Road near Silver Line Bay is a first-line sea view luxury residential area, including multiple branch roads. Pisha Road is located at the southeastern end of the Yinxianwan luxury residential group, and Huashi's Bisha Road 20 and 22 are located at the end. In the section, it is adjacent to the Western Housing Court, which is also designed as a separate house. It is close to Bayshore Bay Beach and has a quiet and independent environment. Smaller in sizes but not lacking in opulence, the cluster of 10 villas is designed as an extension to its neighbouring development on 20 Pik Sha Road. Like their 2 neighbours, each private residence is furnished with carport, lift & integrated building systems that strike the perfect balance between living comfort & environmental consciousness. Above all, the roof-top terraces with infinity pools offer unparalleled views out to the serene Silverstrand Bay.

The two independent houses were rebuilt. The three-storey building has a similar layout. The underground is a parking lot. On the first floor, there is a suite and a guest. Dining room, outside the garden, the second floor has a partial hall and three suites, the rooftop is the best balcony for viewing, the former Wangjue Fort and the other ocean housing estate Haiyiju, the sea view is mixed with the ocean view, lacking the sea and the sky feel.

The property is divided into No. 1 and No. 2 houses by number, and No. 20 of Bisha Road is No. 1 house, with an area of ​​3,630 square meters, a garden area of ​​3,441 square meters, and a parking lot area of ​​1,696 square meters. The current building is marked by the standard of the handover building. Colour composite wood flooring, all the bathrooms use the same natural stone, even the kitchen's natural stone is a similar style, the pursuit of decorative consistency must be satisfied with the user. The kitchen offers a range of German Míele stove appliances with Island Kitchen. There is a jacuzzi on the rooftop, and a private pool, lotus pond and grill on the first-floor garden.

No. 22, Bisha Road is No. 2, with an area of ​​3,666 square meters, a garden area of ​​4,246 square meters, a parking lot area of ​​1,861 square meters, and an inner space interval similar to that of No. 1, and other places are the XL version of No. 1 house. The difference is that the 1st-floor garden private pool is 1 times larger than the 1st house pool. House No. 2 belongs to the decoration demonstration unit. Basically, only all kinds of furniture are placed, and the original interval and materials are reserved. The property is managed by the management company. In addition, there are slopes near the property and the responsibility for maintenance is borne by the owner.

Sai Kung

Consisting mainly of village houses, Sai Kung is a low-density neighbourhood where you can enjoy relatively more living space and an abundance of fresh air compared to high-rise neighbourhoods. With plenty of open space and a good sized expat population, Sai Kung, in some way, resembles the landscape of overseas suburbs with a laid-back and relaxing attitude.

Sai Kung Town has become a local gathering place for expats living in Sai Kung. In addition to its many seafood restaurants attracting locals and tourists alike, there are also a good number of pubs and Western-style restaurants tailored to the appetite of Westerners. Other major daily amenities, such as supermarkets, drugstores, government offices, clinics, etc, are located in Sai Kung Town.

For sports enthusiasts, swimming, snorkelling and kayaking at beaches are the common activities in Hoi Ha Wan and Pak Lap Wan. Your hiking options are aplenty, with popular trails found in the Sai Kung East and West Country Park. For those who are dog parents, you can spend the day bonding with your furry child as Sai Kung is super pet-friendly with an abundance of pet facilities such as dog parks and swimming pools and restaurants with outdoor seating. Other suggestions for residents are fishing and boat party with friends.

School Networks

If you have children, there are international schools in the district, including Clearwater Bay School, ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, and the Hong Kong Academy, offering programmes of pre-kindergarten, primary years and middle years. A large list of new schools has been opening in the surrounding areas too, making Sai Kung the perfect base.

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