Using Feng Shui to smoothen your travels

As the year draws to a close and the holiday season commences, many of us will be making plans to travel. While some of us are looking forward to going ‘home’ for the holidays, others are making travel plans to head to a vacation destination for some revelry and downtime. In this increasingly globalized world of ours where workplace mobility is on the rise, yet other folks are getting ready to relocate to further prospects.

All this talk about travel and movement emphasizes the importance of travel in our modern day lives. The ancient science of Feng Shui governs most aspects of our lives so today we sit down with well-known Feng Shui master Jill Lander of Golden Elements Hong Kong, to talk about the connection between Feng Shui and travel.

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Most people in Hong Kong enjoy traveling and getting away from the frenetic pace of the city. While many of us would book airline tickets and pack bags in a jiffy, some of us need to be prodded into action. Jill, how do you energize the travel area of the Bagua?

[Jill Lander] Motivation starts with intention so whatever becomes a hurdle stays a hurdle, and my philosophy is going around hurdles rather than over them as it takes far less energy. There is no specific area of the Bagua in regards to travel, as the Bagua offers you any direction for travel you may choose. It can, however, impact on how smooth your journey maybe depending on the monthly flow of energy. For example, if you find yourself traveling southeast between December 7th and January 5th you may be more prone to tension and conflict with check-in and airline staff. Heading northeast you need to be extra careful with personal documents such as your passport so label your luggage well! Traveling North and Southwest may prove to be the most relaxed travel.

Jill, when we begin to plan a vacation, the first thought is usually about the choice of a destination. Are there any destinations in the world, which are especially known for their good Feng Shui?

[Jill Lander] I am happy to say that there are too many destinations to mention but areas that have mountain ranges tend to enjoy more consistent and stable Feng Shui.  The Spanish city Barcelona, for example, is considered to enjoy consistently good Feng Shui – Monaco also is excellent due to its geographical embracing formation. Countries and cities that yield nature’s natural protection are considered positive and less vulnerable to instability. Hong Kong is considered to have excellent Feng Shui!

In a post 9/11 world the business of travel itself has become very stressful; can Feng Shui help us cope better with the many inconveniences or misfortunes during travels?

[Jill Lander] I do offer many of my clients travel advice, as to which days during any month would be suitable for their travel arrangements.

Feng Shui is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, at the beginning of every year as a practitioner, I assess the annual energy flow that offers insights into which areas may be more prone to problems and which offer greater ‘luck.' In 2015, the WEST is considered to be the most vulnerable areafor an attack that has proven so very true, unfortunately. Of course as with all aspects of Feng Shui we analyze from a macro perspective to a micro perspective, so the WEST is considered most vulnerable, it may also be perceived as the west of any particular country may also be more vulnerable than other areas of a specific area.

Many of us travel with our kids in tow. These journeys are challenging, as children especially young children can be uncomfortable or very restless during long haul travel.  Does Feng Shui offer cures to smoothen the process of family travel?

[Jill Lander] Colours can have a great impact on calming ananxious child or a baby. Hence, finding out what colours harmonize your child’s energy before any lengthy flight can be helpful. Despite the many gifts of modern technology such as the iPad, many toddlers still find comfort in a special blanket or pillow or toy. Ensuring that you bring it along on your journey may be extremely beneficial.

Is there a connection between Feng Shui and accommodation choices on the road? Can we use Feng Shui to improve the energy of a hotel room, villa rental or even an Air B&B or any other accommodation choice?

[Jill  Lander] Absolutely, you can personalize any space making it ‘yours’ for any length of stay. Take a favorite aromatherapy candle and alter the lighting for your personal comfort. Of course, if you know your personal directions and feel so inclined you may ask if any room can accommodate one of your four personal and beneficial directions.

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Does a person’s KUA number have a role to play in his/her travel fortunes? Could you explain more?

[Jill Lander] Definitely, for example, a west group person can encounter more issues when they head towards the east and vice versa especially if the annual energy is in flux. As mentioned earlier choosing an auspicious date to travel is always beneficial if and when practical and possible.

There are travel rituals that may be done if a person is going through a particularly challenging time to assist in smooth travel potential. For example, a person born under the east grouping and who may be traveling from London to New York (from the northeast) may encounter some setbacks to their plans. However, if he/she were to travel from Sydney to Paris (from the southeast), this could prove beneficial for wealth enhancement. Likewise, if a person were to travel Boston to L.A (from the east), he/she may enjoy positive health. A person born under the west grouping will enjoy greater luck always when traveling from northeast or northwest, so the location of departure is key to smooth travel!

People travel for avariety of reasons. Leisure travel, adventure and exploratory travel and business travel.  How can travelers use Feng Shui to ensure their travels are successful and trouble free?

[Jill Lander] Apart from the above recommendations having as much personal awareness as possible is key to good Feng Shui travel…wishing all your readers happy and above all SAFE travels.

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