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Just imagine you can peep into your fridge, start the washing machine or check on the security system of the house even as you are heading home. This is not just a dream anymore, today you can choose from several intelligent smart home systems which save you time, energy and money to enhance your everyday comfort levels.

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Grown-ups working full-time spend an average of 4000 hours in their homes yearly. Today safety and energy efficiency have become as important as comfort, and ever-growing digitalization also helped popularizing intelligent smart home management systems which contribute not only to the cosiness and safety of a household but also to saving significant amounts of energy.

Remote controlled households: everything just a click away

Intelligent homes are actually systems built of various smart devices, linking all these controllable devices into one network for maximum comfort and optimal energy efficiency. These devices may include external and internal security systems, lighting, heating and air conditioning,entry phones, even smart household appliances. The point is that all the units with various functions should be able to communicate with each other.

A well-designed intelligent system makes your house “live” and think without you. It saves you money and energy, provides comfort and complete safety.

Washing, cooking, cleaning?

The smart household devices linked into the network offer different modes for everyday use, controlling the household efficiently and meanwhile saving energy.

For instance you can buy fridges which switch to holiday mode if you push the ‘Vacation’ button. Washing machines can also beset via a smartphone application to finish the programme just by the time you get home. The fridge can inform you about its contents, while a remote controlled oven can start roasting your dinner even if you haven’t arrived yet.

The special sound control of the various multimedia devices help you never to miss a goal or an episode of your favourite series even if you have to leave the living-room, as the sound of the television can be switched on in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Based on the pre-programmed requirements your intelligent system can control your home from the wake-up call in the morning through the daytime energy saving to bedtime.

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Safety first

Remote surveillance systems are very popular among smart systems. These wireless networks serve your safety, the system of sensors and sirens sends an instant alarm to your phone as well as video recording everything that happens in the house via the smart home cameras. In case of alarm the system is able to switch the light on or off, to close the shutters, even to activate multimedia systems on their maximum volume if needed.

Should you be away for a longer period, presence simulation works for you so your neighbour won’t even notice you are travelling.

All about children

Of course supervising your children remotely is also possible in several ways, you can see through your phone who is present in the garden or in the house, and the unique door opener codes make it easy for the system to identify who has arrived when.

Certain rooms, doors or windows can be blocked from children or guests with special settings, even unused sockets can be depowered if you have really small children. If needed, the two-metre range of the pool can also be alarmed to avoid serious accidents. Designers keep coming up with new functions to be linked into a smart home network on a  monthly basis, which means that you can for example check the high temperature of your child taken by the babysitter on your phone – wherever in the world you are.

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Installing the system

We are happy to cooperate with the designers already in the planning phase of new properties or in case of properties to be renovated, as this can ensure the most ideal smart solutions.

Even though construction is the best stage to install smart systems, the development of the technology and continuous innovation enables us to apply smart devices to existing homes, without having to disturb the peace of your house with noisy, dirty demolition works. In this case, of course, different installation techniques have to be used and it has to be taken into account that often it is not possible to  automate each and every part of the house.

Quick and simpleinstallation

In case of inhabited homes the first step is field assessment, meaning our colleague examines the possibilities, records your requirements and finally discusses your options with you. He or she points out the parts of your home that can be easily transformed into an intelligent system as well as those elements which need more investment but can lead to serious enhancement of unified control, comfort and safety.

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Our colleague furthermore informs you about the advantages of the planned unified system, its functionalities and the techniques to be used. If you have made up your mind, we’ll find you the most perfect solution and another field assessment follows, this time with engineers who can present you with a price quote of the required smart devices and the costs of the system.

Transformation works begin after placing an order, we’ll install the control panel,the sensors and the operating units, while programming is the last step.This phase enables you to set up pre-planned programmes, to learn how to use the system, deciding what, when and how to operate. These settings can naturally be changed, stopped or overridden any time later if needed.

The installed system can be controlled from your notebook, smartphone or tablet, you only need internet connection. Family members can get different authority over the system, it depends on the unique configuration who can control what or which part of the system different members can access.

You are not alone even after installation: if you subscribe to our Helpdesk Proservice for a monthly fee, you are provided with free of charge remote surveillance, programming services and fast solutions to your problems as well as a field check-up of your system twice a year.

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