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Castellero - An iconic experience

The idea of the Castellero Iconic Experience has been developed around its core values of hospitality, physical and mental well-being, warmth and its enriched natural location set in the heart of the beautiful Langhe and Monferrato hills. Share in the fully immersed physical and mental relaxation experiences, achieved through exquisite synergy of art, design, nature, culture, food and wine. We have created an exclusive, luxurious and comfortable residence, an emblem of Italian style over the centuries, situated far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. At Castellero time becomes the essence, time becomes sedated.

The Castellero Timeless Charm Suites comprise of the main Castle, dating back to the 14th Century and the Redoglia Palace, an adjacent building. It is a 6,290 square metre development, with 4,400 square metres of fully stocked and equipped garden, including a swimming pool area. A spa and a high level restaurant, a private vinyard and common areas of excellence completely to benefit of the owners compliment this dreamy Piedmontese ‘hamlet’. The rich history of the Castle is sensed in the air: its strategic position has attracted a lot of attention over the centuries. Despite various changes in ownership, SEVERAL sympathetic reconstructions, the Castle remains full of charm, both architecturally and artistically.

Our aim is to create for you a 360 degree emotional experience in an oasis of relaxation surrounded by nature. The important combination of sports and leisure activities, food and wine tastings, physical and mental well-being, plus the unforgettable grape cultivation and harvest, together with our exceptional level of service, will make you feel in harmony with yourself and the surrounding environment.

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