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5 steps to buy your dream home in Italy

You come from a foreign country, but you dream to buy a house in Italy. The perfect house is there waiting for you, but you don’t know how to handle bureaucratic issues. You wonder if buying a property in Italy is the best deal for you, but you can’t find a clear answer.

This is the situation facing a lot of Italy lovers from all over the world, who can easily allay the doubts following these 5 steps guide to buy your dream home in Italy.



1. Fall in love with a house in Italy

Nothing could be easier in such a beautiful country. Flip throught our catalogue, visit properties and find the one!

2. Make a formal Offer of Purchase

The negotiation starts with an offer, which must be in writing.

It sets the total price of the property, the terms of payment, the amount of the advance payment (down payment/deposit) that is paid at that moment to the vendor, the commission owed to the Real Estate Agency, the date of the deed (which is usually executed 1 to 3 month later).

Once the vendor signs it, he/she accepts the offered price and all the terms involved. The document has now contractual value.

3. Apply for your Fiscal Code

Now that you got the chance to go ahead with the purchase, you need to apply for your Fiscal Code. It is an identification code calculated on the basis of your surname, your names, the place of your birth and the date of your birth and which will be used any time you will need to deal with Italian Authorities.

4. Open your Italian Bank account

In the event of a purchase it is essential to open a bank account in Italy not only to transfer there the funds for the completion, but also to get the various utilities paid automatically.

5. Deed of purchase

The deed will be concluded in front of the notary, chosen by the purchaser, who acts as a third party who is independent of both seller and buyer. It is signed by both parties only when all the documentation is available, then the property is officially transferred.


Which will be the fees of my property?

In addition to Agent’s commission and Notary fee, which we mentioned before, you’ll have to pay for Stamp duty (to allow the registration of the contracts), Land registry tax , and Cadastral Tax.

The amount of these 3 main taxes varies depending upon the type of property as well as the subjective characteristics of both the seller and the buyer.

Then, you’ll have to deal with regular annual taxes of ownership of the property and payments concerning utilities.

What about the so called “Flat Tax”?

The Italian Treasury has recently confirmed the introduction of a flat tax rate for weathy people  looking to live in Italy.
The income revenue authority has now made it possible for foreigners to move to Italy and pay a flat tax rate of only €100,000 on all income made abroad, and a further €25,000 for every family member who also wants to register their fiscal address in Italy.

To access to these credit facilities it is necessary to have certain requirements:
- It’s valid for individuals who have not been resident in Italy for at least nine of the previous ten years,
- The measure shall be applied only on incomes obtained abroad,
- It’s necessary to pay in a single instalment.

This fixed taxation make investing in Italy very convenient for foreigner people, even more if you choose Italy as your “first home” location!


Now that everything seems easier, check out E&V Lake Iseo and Franciacorta selection of property in Northern Italy, between lake, mountains and vineyards and find your dream home!



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