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Living in Temù

Situated within the Province of Brescia, in the northern part of the Camonica Valley, sits the gorgeous community of Temù. Airports in the cities of Bolzano, Bergamo, and Verona are all within a two and a half hour drive, while the Swiss border is only 1 hour to the north. The nearby ski resort at Ponte di Legno is a major attraction, as are parks like Parco dell'Adamello. Despite its picture-perfect environment in the northern Italian Alps, Temù manages to provide a sense of serenity without sacrificing accessibility.

The township of Temù is well connected, with the SS42 motorway passing right through its heart – providing easy access to the neighbouring communities. Besides the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, the beautiful historic city of Trento is under a 2 hour drive, allowing for easy day-trips. Convenient buses also traverse the area, while the river Olgio passes through the middle of Temù, adding to its peaceful beauty.

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Within the comune, markets like Alimentari Veclani and Ventura Angelina Noemi supply basic day to day necessities, while the municipality also boasts a butcher, bakery, bank, pharmacy, salon, post office, and laundry services. Temù has its own primary school and there are more schools in the neighbouring settlements around it, including in the prominent resort town of Ponte di Legno, only 9m (5.8km) away. Its sprawling ski resort, trails, and slopes also include a section near Temù, a mere 700 meters away from the center.

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Other points of interest include Sant'Alessandro church, which is a picturesque 10 minute walk, while Parco dell’Adamello Wildlife Park is only 5min (5.1km) away. The Museo della Guerra Bianca (White War Museum) is a fascinating museum with exhibits from the intense Alpine fighting of the First World War. Next to this you will find the town’s cultural center, while just across the river Oglio is a movie theatre as well as soccer fields.

The winding streets of Temù are surrounded by breathtaking nature and wonderful homes. Trees and lush greenery are a regular feature, as are delightful multi-story apartments north of the river Oglio. Temù retains its old-world charm, despite its many contemporary amenities. The iconic terracotta tiles of Italy are common along with wooden roofs, both of which elegantly slant in the Swiss style.

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In the north, especially near the commercial main street of the Via Roma, ancient masonry blends seamlessly with timber and more modern architecture. The residential area south of the Oglio offers a more rustic appeal. It features a warm combination of wood and brick designed houses with steep Alpine roofs. Flagstone fences, hedges, and vibrant gardens line its alluring pathways. Lovely wooden balconies offer stunning views of the rolling hills of the Camonica Valley from both sides of the river. Carefully cultivated flower beds are also abundant.

Nestled deep in the Camonica Valley, the idyllic comune of Temù is a welcome retreat from the cares of fast-paced urban living. It offers tranquility, plentiful nature, a nearby ski-resort town in Ponte di Legno, and a taste of simplicity without total isolation. With basic conveniences never too far away, and the majesty of the Italian Alps as your backyard, it is clear to see what makes Temù such a desirable location for families and couples alike.

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