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Houses for sale Lago Maggiore: our tips to live in a design open space

No more inner divisions: prepare to make room for open and shared spaces, which look over a dreamlike view

The tradition of living in studio apartments, derived from old industrial buildings, was very common among the bohemian artists in Paris and among those living in the New York Underground scene in the 70s and it has definitely come back in fashion in the last few years.

In this newly reborn tradition, many houses for sale Lago Maggiore are now acting as protagonists, especially those, which have been bought and renovated with the aim of making groundbreaking, creative and of great visual impact solutions. 

Sure enough, the typical cottage overlooking Lake Maggiore not always meets the needs of all: that’s why more and more people choose to turn it into a fashionable open space, in order to reshape the house, to enhance the spaces, without losing the incredible Lake view.

If you are thinking of buying a house front Lago Maggiore, here are some useful tips to live in an open space.

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Let's start with the preliminary check

Imagine making a long quest and finally finding an extraordinary Lago Maggiore rustic, which perfectly fits your needs. First of all, you would surely check whether the water system, the electric system and the heating perfectly work or not and you would possibly fix the problems and legalise the implants. Eventually, you would go on with the renovation. 

The same goes for the flooring, favouring those which perfectly fit the room. This preliminary check will help you save time on future maintenance work, which could prove to be really expensive and demanding.

Creating spaces and functionality

The open floor plan is not for everyone, that’s for sure. Those who make this choice love wide spaces, unique and shared settings, the lack of internal arrangments.

Many of our houses for sale Lago Maggiore offer a partition between the living and the sleeping area, such as to ensure a functional space, where you can totally feel at home. The most popular solutions are: bedrooms with the mezzanine and separation walls, only to enclose the bathroom. Just don’t forget about the multistorey villas, which still have a great charme. Here’s an example of a villa for sale Stresa with garden and woderful lakeview.

And what about smaller spaces? You can use some cabinets or walls fitted as dividors, perfect to create precious niches and to ensure a nice visual impact without weighing it down.

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Pay attention in armonising the style and furniture

A hot tip to make your house wonderful would be paying attention to the general style of the furniture. Since it’s all about a unique and open room, the risk of making the wrong match is right around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you choose a modern, industrial or Provençal style; what really matters is to make everything harmonious, choosing the most suitable color combinations and combining the furnishings appropriately. 

Even if you wanted to attmept a bolder match, make sure you are giving a firm and well-sought imprint.

Here are some tips to choose the proper furniture.

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The importance of lighting

To fully enjoy the enchanting views offered by the landscape, there is nothing better than a panoramic window or a large skylight. Lighting plays a crucial role, especially in a unique space such as a loft or a villa with Lago Maggiore view

The natural light coming from the outside must be balanced by an adequate number of hanging lamps, without forgetting the point lights (floor lamps, table lamps or spotlights) essential to light up the most strategic corners of the house.

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