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The Waalweg trails in South Tyrol's late autumn

Late autumn is the perfect time to explore the surroundings of Merano on the traces of the numerous Waalweg trails. “Waale” are man-made water channels which originally had the purpose to irrigate the surrounding orchards and vineyards. The narrow paths along these channels, called “Waalwege”, are typical for the area around Merano.

The miles long irrigation channels were built by farmers from the 13th century onwards due to the low and irregular rainfall in Merano and in the Vinschgau Valley, with the water being taken from streams in high-altitude valleys. A mostly narrow path, the Waalweg, was built for the maintenance and care of a “Waal”. These trails were initially only used by the "Waaler", the guardians of the irrigation systems, who were in charge of their maintenance. Today, the Waalweg trails around Merano are among the most popular hiking and walking routes in South Tyrol. They run through forests, orchards and vineyards and past historical and natural sights.

The Waalweg trails in the surroundings of Merano, including those in Lagundo, Scena, Marlengo and Parcines, have a combined length of about 60 kilometres and are mostly passable all the year round. ​

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