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Guided tour into the heart of Sabaudia: a walk in the wood to discover the Villa of Domitian

Sabaudia is a wonderful city into the heart of the Pontine Marshes, characterized by 20 km of clean beaches eligible for the Blue Flag, surrounding wetlands, three beautiful coastal lakes and one of the most ancient natural protected areas, the National Park of Circeo, named after Mount Circeo, a mountain of 541 metres.
Despite the different types of territory, the landscape of Sabaudia is harmonious and colorful, and it’s easy to understand why this place was a source of inspiration for poets, filmmakers and artists.
Every year this charming city is chosen by thousands of tourist as their holiday destination and also by dozens of V.I.P, who are attracted by exclusive clubs and parties, but this city is not just gossip and worldliness…
There are a lot of secret places, unknown to most people, protected by nature and oasis of tranquility.

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- Sabaudia

One of the secret wonder of Sabaudia is the “Villa of Domitian”, belonged to the last Emperor of the Flavian dynasty.
The Villa of Domitian is one of the lesser known domus because it’s located in the middle of the National Park of Circeo, so the site has not yet been completely dug.
Thanks to local associations, Sabaudia promotes a lot of activities to attract visitors in these unexplored places: it’s possible, for example, to book a funny guided tour that includes a canoe ride across the Lake of Paola or a trip on a typical ferry boat.
The mysterious Villa of Domitian was dug for the first time in 1934 and the buildings that have come to light can be divided into three sections: a thermal area, a central area composed by tanks and aqueducts and a residential one.
The thermal area is composed by a sophisticated and well-structured system with calidarium, frigidarium, tepiarium and an apodytermarium (dressing rooms). There is also an open gym with wonderful mosaic floors.
The central area is composed by two tanks that were used for the water supply: the biggest one is called “Cisterna dell’Eco” because is characterized by a wonderful acoustic and the second one is called “Cisterna delle Navi” because is completely covered by drawings of ships.
The last area is still closed to the public but is composed by a “Xystus”, a place that was used to relax surrounding by a lush garden, a fishery and a porch.
Crossing the ruins of this wonderful Villa is like to be a part of this amazing territory, walking in the woods in an experience that inspires peace and that permits to hear the real sound of this city, that is one of a kind.
The colors of the sea and the lake, coupled with the green woods and with the shades of the sand are part of a picture that can be admired only here in Sabaudia.

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