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8 space-enhancing minimalist kitchen design tips

A clean, clutter-free kitchen can be a welcoming interior space for cooking and socialising alike. Yet for many of us, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of overstuffed cupboards and gadget-strewn counter tops. Here are a few tips to help you banish the excess for a minimalist kitchen design that’s both functional and inviting.

- Enjoy the minimalist style in your kitchen for a clean, tranquil space.

1. Perform an audit

The first step in your kitchen transformation is to eliminate items you don’t use on a regular basis. Examples include appliances like ice cream makers, as well as duplicates of measuring cups or industrial-sized stockpots. Find another space for these in a separate storage area or do away with them entirely.

2. Store items behind closed doors

Open shelving fits well with a rustic country style, but if your goal is a clutter-free minimalist kitchen design, you’ll want to forego the open space in favour of cabinets with closed doors. Choose units in a sleek metallic tone, stark white shade or dark wood for an exceptionally clean finish.

3. Install a kitchen island

We’ve listed this feature as a must-have in any modern kitchen, and a freestanding island could provide an attractive solution to a lack of cabinet space. With clean, geometric lines, this type of furnishing fits easily into a minimalist kitchen design, offering built-in storage in the form of pull-out shelving and drawers.

4. Choose multitasking appliances

Save space in the kitchen with modern, streamlined appliances that perform multiple functions at once. An all-in-one oven might provide microwave, convection and steam functions, allowing you to free up counter space for a clean kitchen design.

5. Find alternatives to the counter

A hallmark of cluttered kitchens is stacks of belongings on the counter that break up the visual flow and make food preparation difficult. Rather than using counter tops as storage, install hooks to hang pots and utensils or magnetic strips for knives. Line hanging objects up according to their shape to fit into a clean aesthetic.

6. Let clutter live in a single spot

It can be difficult to eliminate clutter altogether, even in the cleanest kitchen. The secret is to contain it in a designated spot. Allocate one drawer to be your official location for loose ends, and then you’ll know where to store those stray notepads and spare batteries.

7. Create a focal point

Draw eyes away from your workspace by accenting your clean kitchen design with a carefully curated focal point. A sleek, monochrome interior style benefits from a single touch of colour, whether it’s in the form of a boldly hued work of art or a striking ceramic-tiled splashback.

8. Accentuate natural lighting sources

Contemporary light fixtures or hanging bulbs look at home in a minimalist space, but nothing is cleaner than the airy atmosphere created by abundant natural lighting. Position large windows in your space to flood industrial interiors with sunlight for an effortlessly chic, modern look.

From appliances to lighting, there are plentiful ways to streamline your kitchen space and create a more inviting design. Applying the same aesthetic to the living room becomes simpler with our five principles for a modern minimalist living room.

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