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"Benvenuta Pastasciano 2016" – Event on local high quality wheat and pasta

On Sunday 27th November “Benvenuta Pastasciano 2016”, a whole day dedicated to the study and taste of pastas made with the wheat variety named after senator Cappelli, able to add to the intense flavour of homemade pasta, very high organoleptic and nutritional qualities, releasing all the flavour of the durum wheat produced near Asciano

 Siena (SI)
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Pastasciano is a project born from the hardwork of eight farms of Asciano (Siena), that are now a consortium, with the support of the town council of Asciano and the regional authority of Tuscany, in order to realise a pasta, made of 100% durum wheat, variety “Senatore Cappelli”.

What is Cappelli? “Senatore Cappelli” is a variety of an ancient durum wheat, today registered under this name, which is stronger and more resistant than modern ones; it does not require chemical treatments and has never undergone alterations of genetic manipulation. For this reason, it is only cultivated by those who want to get great quality and excellent nutritional levels for a healthy diet.

The wheat is grown in Asciano, in the heart of the Crete Senesi, in an area that has always suited to produce a durum wheat of the highest quality. The observance of a very strict discipline guarantees the consumer high nutritional quality and richnessof flavour.

On Sunday 27th November Pastasciano consortium will offer a free tasting of the pasta, for the entire duration of the festival.

11am: Conference by the University of Florence and Slow food Toscana
Lunch: Tour in Pasta in the restaurants of Asciano, Arbia and Chiusure
10 pm: Gala dinner with local products at the Scuderie del Granduca

An extraordinary opportunity to spend a weekend in one of the most fascinating landscape areas of Siena, where our agency will offer scenic farmhouses, luxury villas, exclusive apartments and other high-end properties.

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