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Délabré style: when imperfection becomes a trend

"Imperfection is beauty", said Marilyn Monroe. Nothing could be more true! What's more fascinating than a little flaw that gives character, a crack that tells a story? Now, that imperfection becomes a trend, even at home. And that's how the délabré style is born.

What is it about?

It's not about vintage or boho chic, even if basically the délabré style is a close relative of both, it comes from the same worlds. In fact, we find the eclectic soul of the bohemian, and the recovery of the good old days of the vintage, but everything in the délabré merges and exalts itself in an appreciation of what is "history", like a hymn to the imperfection that can tell a story.

In the homes for which this style has been chosen, narration is therefore the key element. You start from the past lives of the walls, you go through the vicissitudes of the objects that populate them, you finally reach the personalities of those who live there, just as if the houses were books full of details to bring to light gradually, line by line.

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There is a special charm that surrounds the objects of the past, imperfect and worn down by time. The walls are beautiful if, a bit 'peeling, reveal an ancient soul under the plaster. The objects are really fascinating when they show the signs of their history

The wood, scratched, worn, deliberately aged and worn out in color by time, is the main material of the délabré furnishing accessories, whether it is ancient cupboards, long dining tables and chairs, strictly in dusty shades. Among other materials, all poorly finished, we find bricks, tiles, rough walls and floors that shun new, from perfection and order, to return an unusual and at the same time bewitching charm.

Whether it's a consumed sideboard, worn out armchairs and sofas, bookcases and lamps that show the signs of time, the charm of the délabré style is precisely in these details that contribute to making the furniture look like it is just dusted off in a dark room and no longer lived for years now.

So here we are witnessing the birth of suspended spaces between ancient and modern, between past and contemporary, which with extreme naturalness mix vintage pieces of furniture and antiques to design pieces in a mix and match with a casual look, but which is actually studied artfully! 

The délabré perfectly embodies the spirit of period residences, country cottages, pied à terre with a marked history. And these are in fact the perfect environments in which to indulge in this style, thanks to the recovery of original structural elements.

The délabré is not made of rigid rules but of


, which means that it nourishes itself essentially of




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. So if you do not own a period apartment in which to enhance floors, doors or vintage walls, play with small accessories, with textiles or with materials aged in well-defined corners.

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