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Support to the franchisee

Start-up assistance for every franchisee: the services of the franchisee

The franchisor is, above all, one thing for the franchisee: start-up aid on the way to self-employment. It offers you numerous benefits and services, from which you will profit extensively. In addition, you can still rely on the support of the system center or a system administrator after the successful foundation of your franchise operation.

The services of the franchisee at a glanceWe would like to present 8 services that a franchise system usually offers:

1. Support for the site search

As a franchisee you need a suitable business location, which is of great importance for image and sales. Your franchisee will help you find the right location - this service is often defined by contract and is considered a standard service.

2. Assistance in setting up the establishment

The establishment of the company is designed by the franchisor and these requirements are to be met. It is very important for the brand image of the system that the individual companies are uniformly equipped, because this leads to the recognition value of the franchise system for the customer.

3. Beneficial customer conditions

As a franchisee you profit from the success of your franchisee and can steadily expand it. Since you are part of the franchise system, you can also benefit from the existing contacts of your franchisee. Because of its market position, the franchisor can usually negotiate favorable terms with the supplier. In some cases, a merchandise management system is also offered.

4. Success through an organized advertising concept

Advertising plays an important role in the success of a franchise system. Advertising increases the level of awareness of the product or service of the system. Successful marketing is essential. The franchisor develops a comprehensive advertising concept, the ads to be used and the supra-regional media advertising. These measures ensure a uniform market presence. The franchisee must pay an advertising fee for this service, which is defined in the Franchise Agreement. The franchisee, on the other hand, takes over regional advertising and takes care of the implementation of the advertising concept on the spot.

5. Support through comprehensive training

Even before signing the contract, you can count on a comprehensive training program that prepares you for the specific franchise business. You will be familiarized with the system and get many tips to help you get started. Initial start-up training ensures a successful start-up. Training is often carried out in the training centers of the franchise systems. In the course of your further business activities, you will be continuously supported and pushed by further training.

6. The IT system

Many systems are equipped with an IT system specifically tailored to the franchise system, which also benefits the franchisee. The IT system enables system-specific task processing. This, on the other hand, means that the franchisee is relieved of his tasks in organization, accounting and controlling.

7. Support in the operational process

The franchisor helps his franchisee primarily in the initial phase of business start-ups and then continues to deal with numerous relevant business processes. This gives the franchisee security and helps him successfully establish himself in the franchise business. Additionally the creation of marketing activities and the evaluation of existing processes are part of the supporting services of the franchisee. Moreover, the franchisee is specifically supported by the regional manager and is always given the opportunity to exchange information with the main office. 

8. Organization of events

The organization of various events is one of the services the franchisee often provides. It organizes regional and supra-regional meetings, which contribute in particular to the strengthening of the network. Contacts are enormously important in the franchise business, so these meetings are of great importance both for the formation and maintenance of a good relationship between colleagues.

Take advantage of the numerous services the franchisee provides for you as a franchisee. The start into the franchise business is thus made much easier for you and the best possible conditions are created for the success of your franchisee.

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