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New year, new job: kicking off your professional year

You know the old adage ‘new year, new you’, but what about its modern reinvention: new year, new job? The new year is when recruiters restart their searches for candidates with renewed, refined goals and budgets. This makes it an ideal point for you to reflect on your current career progress and goals, to celebrate what you’ve achieved, and to look ahead to the next 12 months. 

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New year, new start for young professionals

Whilst thinking of all the things you’ve achieved in the past year, as a young professional you should also take an honest look at what you could improve on. Did you make enough of your business contacts and your networking opportunities? Are you using tools like LinkedIn enough to shout about your business and make insightful statements on current market trends? Did you embrace or neglect your social media channels or your website?

Once you’ve worked out your areas to improve, jump feet first into the new year with resolve to boost your business. If you feel you’ve made a good start but hit a dead end, or you think that perhaps your first choice wasn’t quite right, then it's time to think ‘new year, new job’.

New year, new challenges for experienced professionals

The biggest issue for people who are comfortable in their vocation, especially mid-career real estate agents, is often that they stagnate. There’s nothing wrong with being secure and wanting to stay in your industry, but setting yourself new goals and challenges can give you a huge burst of energy. Set yourself a hit list for this year, with at least a rough time scale for achieving those goals. But if you feel like it’s where you are in your career that’s making you stagnate, then the motto ‘new year, new job’ may well be for you. It was a wise decision for many successful agents at Engel & Völkers to think about a career in real estate.

New year, new thinking for seasoned experts

As a mature expert it’s easy to think that the new year doesn’t mean too much change for your employment; it can seem irrelevant in the grand undulations of your long-term career. However, just like the young professionals, it’s a good time to mull over your achievements and shortcomings, and to rethink your business strategy for the coming months. Remember too that no matter how much of an expert you are you can always learn new skills. Therefore, it’s a good time to book in some training or make a note of your personal areas for improvement, say for example learning more about new technology.

New year, new job?

In this day and age, there’s not really a bad time in your life to start a new job or career. We’re all working longer and becoming more industry-fluid, so why not embrace that by giving your career a new lease of life? Is it time to change direction in your real estate career – perhaps dipping your toes into the commercial market? Or break into an enriching career in real estate for the first time? The opportunities are out there.

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