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Single house Treviso: make it superlative with the Living Coral

Here is the opinion of the experts on the best combinations and the classic mistakes to avoid when furnishing the home with the symbolic color of 2019

Once upon a time it was the neutral colors and the inconspicuous nuances that dominated it. But the times change, you know, and the beginning of 2019 has established as the undisputed protagonist a color that has very little neutrality and perhaps too much flashy: the Living Coral.

Code 16-1546, but only for architecture and interior design experts, because for the rest of the world the Living Coral represents that bright, vivid color that is reminiscent of exotic coral reefs. The perfect match between red, yellow and orange that gives that extra touch to our single house Treviso, but only if with the right taste and balance. Here is the expert opinion on the best combinations and on the classic mistakes to avoid.


Next to the symbolic color of 2019 there is a place for “brown, ocher or beige. It can work in harmony with pink, powder and flesh color, but be careful not to overdo it ". To reiterate, Alexandra Gorla, French interior architect, who would not disdain even more unconventional combinations such as aquamarine or pale green next to lime. But nothing aggressive and dark.

The Living Coral symbolizes our innate need for optimism, cheerfulness and lightness. Matched with dark colors or the same shade, it would tend to create the opposite effect, being excessive and suffocating. Combined with light and inconspicuous colors in our new homes for sale in Treviso, it guarantees guaranteed success.


What type of furniture best matches the use of the Living Coral: the classic or the modern? Let your single Treviso home speak.Immersed in a classic decor, dominated by wooden objects, parquet and leather sofas, some Living Coral details could make it even more elegant. The same applies to a loft in the center with an open loft.

Yes, because "coral is a versatile color that can seem bold, elegant and relaxing at the same time, depending on how you use it". To confirm this, two milestones of Hortlund & CO, Mikaela Törnegren and Linnea Finoli.


And now the question that torments true fans of home furnishings: what is the right dose of Living Coral for our single house Treviso?

The answer comes from the Italian architect Tommaso Giunchi, who recommends "using bold shades like this for small decorative objects or pillow covers, because they are easier to change when you change your mind". In short, the rule is always the same: never overdo it. Colors, however beautiful and modern, tend to tire over time. For this reason it would be better to use them on small furnishing accessories, easy to replace, or on architectural elements on which we want to focus attention.

In our catalog of apartments for sale Treviso still available you can find the perfect home where you can make more or less daring furnishing choices. Take a look or visit us in Viale Fratelli Cairoli 123, in front of Porta Fra ’Giocondo, on the corner of Viale Luzzatti.

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