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How to organize the bedroom for homeschooling

Never as in this period are young people forced to live in their own room for most of the day. Some tips to better organize the space

The so-called DAD (distance learning) has become a reality for millions of Italian students in the last year. The bedroom, usually a place for recreation and study for homework, has been transformed into the space where children spend all morning to follow school lessons. To make your stay in this environment more comfortable and healthy, it is therefore very important to understand how to organize the bedroom for homeschooling. But first, take a look at these 5 houses in Treviso. Each of these hides the perfect bedroom for your children.


The time spent at the desk in one's own bedroom has increased, if not doubled. This is why even more attention must be paid to the study station. A comfortable chair, which allows a correct posture, is crucial to avoid annoying physical problems. Here are some elements to take into consideration: the back must be straight, or slightly tilted forward, the legs must be bent at 90 °, as well as feet placed entirely on the ground and, in turn, at 90 ° with respect to the legs. The gaze, therefore the chin, must be turned in front of you, and not down as often happens with laptops. A support under the PC can be very useful in these cases. The keyboard must be close to the body to avoid tilting forward. In any case, it is good to stretch your legs at regular intervals.


Since with home schooling, companions and teachers have a view of the room, it might be useful to change the orientation of the desk and therefore of the webcam, to frame the part of the environment we want. Be careful not to focus on transit areas to avoid intrusions or unexpected events. It can also be useful to set up an ad hoc booth that limits the view of private areas. Light is also a crucial factor to take into consideration when deciding how to organize the bedroom. The eyes are subjected to different light sources: external light, the screen, any internal lighting. In order not to strain the eyes, it is advisable to find the best arrangement, which allows you to see the screen clearly and not have light beams pointed frontally.


This year, as never before, we have experienced how difficult it can be to communicate in video conferences or online lessons, if you do not equip yourself with the appropriate tools. Obviously, at the base there is the need for an internet connection that allows audio-video communications. It is always preferable to connect your computer to the landline to avoid network drops. If this is not possible, it is recommended to stay as close as possible to the wi-fi source. The audio-video quality is also important, so you must have a suitable webcam and headphones with microphone.


The lessons during the teaching at home take place via PC, but it is important to organize a part of the desk, or why not the room, with notes, diagrams, memos. This is useful for looking away from the screen, which in the long run strains the eyes, and to encourage greater concentration.


The more time we spend in an environment, the more it is necessary to find ideas or elements of comfort. As far as possible it is recommended to separate the areas dedicated to study from those for leisure. If you do not have large spaces, you can organize the bedroom with mobile solutions, in order to set up the environment according to the purpose of the moment. Movement is also important: with rugs and pillows you can easily create a comfortable area for exercise and also for relaxation.


We close with a little advice on behavior. Even when the bed is well separated from the study area, it is always good to arrange the bedroom as if you were going out. An important psychological aspect when you spend a long time in a limited space is the sense of change and the alternation of times and tasks.

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