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Make the swimming pool in the garden in your home in Treviso

Everything you need to know if you want to make a swimming pool in your garden in Treviso. Types, authorizations, costs, maintenance

Who wouldn't want to have a nice swimming pool in their garden? In Treviso there are many homes that can afford this luxury. Today the available solutions can meet all space and wallet needs. Here are the steps to consider if you want to make the swimming pool in the garden and enjoy a dip during the summer.


The first thing to consider if you intend to build a swimming pool in your garden in Treviso is the place to place it. The choice of which pool to make depends on many factors, on the size of the garden, its layout, budget. In general, it is preferable to choose a position as sunny and sheltered from the wind as possible. Better if even in an area that is not visible from the outside, if this is not possible, the installation of hedges or structures that allow the right privacy can be considered.


Above ground pools have the advantage of being able to be installed more quickly and easily, they can be dismantled in the winter, freeing up the space occupied, and do not require complex building works. Certainly, if you have adequate space, the in-ground swimming pool will give - in addition to the possibility of recreation - a touch of exclusivity and additional well-being to the home. Another advantage of in-ground pools is the possibility of designing them "to measure", while above-ground pools are often prefabricated.


If you choose an above ground swimming pool you will not need any special authorizations, as it can be dismantled and does not require excavation work. As for the in-ground pools, however, it depends a lot on the type of intervention. A "building permit" is needed when the volume to be built exceeds 20% of the main building. For interventions of less than or equal to 20%, in most cases, a DIA is sufficient. However, given the variability of the standard at the local level, it is recommended to contact the Technical Office of the Municipality of Treviso before starting any activity.


One of the most overlooked but most important aspects for those who want to make the pool in the garden is its maintenance. Cleaning and hygiene are fundamental elements to protect the health of those who use the swimming pool. The bottom cleaning, for example, must be done every year at the beginning of the season. The water must have a well-defined pH, between 7 and 7.6, in order not to ruin the skin of the swimmer. And to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, an activity called chlorination is required, to be carried out at the beginning of the season, to which must be added the use of chlorine tablets to maintain the right antibacterial load throughout the season.


As it is easy to guess the cost of a swimming pool can be very variable. Easier to establish a minimum term, which usually is around a few thousand euros for a prefabricated above ground pool. By increasing the size of the project in terms of size and imagination, costs can obviously increase depending on the budget.

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