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The Treviso real estate market is a real bargain. This is confirmed by the New York Times

Treviso better than Venice? The provocation comes from the journalist Jason Horowitz, head of the Italian editorial office of the New York Times, who dedicated a long article to the capital of the Marca. As a tourist destination, but above all as a city to live in, for the high quality of life. An authoritative voice, in short, that confirms a thesis already widely confirmed: the Treviso real estate market is a real bargain, and buying apartments for sale in the city is worthwhile.

"Half an hour by train from Venice, Treviso is the oasis next door. With its canals and water mills that continue to rotate, even though they are now only for the show. With the sacred ritual of the aperitif, when candy-colored Spritz are sparkling with Prosecco. While at the confluence of the rivers mentioned in Dante's Paradiso - where Sile and Cagnan accompany - joggers and cyclists leave for excursions ”.

So Jason Horowitz synthesizes the city. The canals that make it a "Little Venice", the possibility of doing outdoor sports, the ritual of the aperitif (and the quality of its food and wine). All aspects that make Treviso an attractive city on a human scale. Let's see in detail its peculiarities, described by the journalist's watchful eye.

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The thesis of the article is clear: Treviso is the ideal starting point for visiting Venice without getting caught up in its tourist chaos. But the town is so welcoming that many forget about the Serenissima and end up enjoying a few relaxing days without moving. Buying a Treviso apartment, therefore, can also be a good investment for short tourist rentals.


The journalist celebrates some artistic beauties, from the Piazza dei Signori to the canals. But also the church of San Francesco, built between 1230 and 1270 at the behest of Pope Innocent III, where the children of the greatest Italian poets, Dante and Petrarch, are buried. He then pauses on the Monte di Pietà, called "the most beautiful pawn shop on the planet". Horowitz describes the fourteenth-century room, frescoed with scenes of Christian charity, and the walls covered in leather with golden leaves. The Treviso real estate market is full of prestigious properties that are really worth assessing. Discover the homes available for sale together with Engel & Völkers.


The joie de vivre from Treviso is mainly expressed at aperitif time, when the glasses are filled with Prosecco - produced in the surrounding hills - and Spritz. “On the islet of the Pescheria, between two lazy canals, hundreds of locals sip a huge variety of prosecco. Corked bottlenecks protrude from the ice, like the fresh catch of a fisherman ".


"In Treviso, it's better if someone touches your wife than your Tiramisu".
Horowitz does not struggle to identify the gastronomic symbol of the city in this famous dessert. Tiramisu was born in Treviso, so much so that there is the prospect of creating a dedicated museum. Among the savory dishes, the journalist mentions the very traditional bigoli in sauce, described as "thick spaghetti immersed in a sauce of onions and anchovies".


The quality of life and the vitality of a town are also measured by the liveliness of its shops. In this Treviso has nothing to envy to other cities. Just think of the many taverns, craft activities, and taste shops located throughout the historic center.
A wealth told in detail in the New York Times article and which once again confirms how this beautiful town is a place to invest: the Treviso real estate market is a real bargain.

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