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Sober and refined style for your two-room apartment in Treviso

Ideas and advice to furnish with taste and elegance, exploiting all the potential of your new two-room apartment

The furnishing of a home in which the spaces are not huge presents an additional challenge, which can be a stimulus for creativity. If you are looking for two-room apartments for sale in Treviso, you can try using innovative and elegant ideas to make the most of the potential of the apartment, without neglecting personal taste. Here's what you need to be careful of when furnishing a two-room apartment.

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In a Treviso apartment of limited size, the first thing to do is to understand how to make the most of the potential of the available surface. Generally it is recommended to open open space especially for the living area, where possible. If you are looking for two-room apartments for sale in Treviso, it can be useful, for example, to create subdivisions by means of partitions (including glass) or other elements of furniture, without creating dividing walls that further limit space and light. Each house has its own characteristics and it is difficult to imagine standard solutions, however the imperative is always one: clear ideas and rationality.


Light is another fundamental element of the design of a two-room apartment. The brightness in fact contributes to a wider perception of the spaces. Obviously better if the light is natural. But there are other crucial factors that give light to a home. One is the color. Usually it is recommended to use light and uniform colors to make a room wider. But it is good to never forget that a tone of personality, even localized in one point, does not hurt and attracts attention. 

Here you will find our tips for a perfect combination of Living Coral inside your independent house in Treviso. The wood on the floors gives a touch of warmth if we use very light tones. Finally, the use of mirrors allows games and reflections that further enlarge the space.


To obtain the maximum in small spaces, but always with elegance, you can indulge yourself with multifunctional furnishings. Ideal for optimizing centimeters, they are often distinctive elements for creativity and style. The most common example is the living room sofa that becomes a bed, or the drawer bed. But we can also use living room tables that become a dining table simply by lifting the legs, or small storage poufs that become an armchair, and a thousand other ideas of this kind.

But there is also space for those who want to dare, albeit within mini size environments. Ever thought of an elegant chic style?


As already seen, if there is a fundamental thing in furnishing a dwelling with contained measures, this is rationality. Anything that contributes to confusion and disorder further limits the space. This is why it is always preferable to use furniture with straight lines, which make it wider. If you opt for design solutions, it is better to turn to minimal, which gives elegance but also functionality.

Still looking for two-room apartments for sale in Treviso tailored to your needs? Contact your trusted Treviso real estate agency, in Viale Fratelli Cairoli, 123.

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