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In 2020 the trend color for the kitchen is black

Do you want to make your home in Venice contemporary? The black color must enter the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most "lived" rooms in the house and it is also one of the spaces that can make a real leap in quality for a property.

Think of an exclusive house in Venice. Imagine the spacious kitchen, enriched by large windows. Enjoy the splendor of a glimpse of canals that is there, beyond glass, all for you. And the warm light that spreads throughout the room, going to rest on magnetically ... black surfaces. Yes, because if the kitchen of our models is designed in light colors (white above all), new trends indicate the triumph of the opposite color, black, in all its elegance and personality.

We learned it from fashion: with black you never make a mistake. But one thing is a dress, another is to build an entire room on this shade. The essential is knowing how to use this color well, also in combination with others, and perhaps with a play of materials. Let's see how.


Black is a very striking color: it creates clear lines, imposes boldness on spaces, determines an authentically contemporary style. However, you need to know how to use it to the fullest. First of all, starting to choose its right tone, its nuance, which can range from pitch to blackboard, to graphite.

Much is determined by its opacity: there are those who prefer soft, opaque soft touch materials; there are those who love black mirror surfaces, almost futuristic.

The second element to consider, when designing the black color kitchen of your home in Venice, is the right combination with the other colors. With white is a great classic, used for centuries from floors to furnishing accessories. Other tones that go perfectly together are the warm tones of wood: a beautiful hazelnut wood, for example, is able to sustain the personality of black without succumbing. And then there is gold, the most regal color, which stands out more than ever alongside black.

Two colors, the latter, which must be carefully dosed together, but which offer exclusivity and refinement outside the box. Finally, with black we can consider some daring combinations with red: the result will be of great personality and passion (two perfect characteristics for a house in Venice).

- cucina nera.jpg


Not all houses have the suitable characteristics to design a luxurious black kitchen. Too small rooms, for example, would be claustrophobic if dominated by this color. As well as low-light buildings: in the case, it is always better to favor light colors.

On the contrary, where there is light and space, as in our houses for sale Venice, a green to black traffic light.

Finally, black is an excellent solution for an open kitchen, perhaps overlooking the living room: the color in this case helps to mentally divide the spaces, with plasticity and elegance.

Try to imagine a timeless color like black in the kitchen of one of these apartments in Venice. Do we bet they will make you fall in love at first sight?



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