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5 home renovation tips to achieve the best resale value

Property use inevitably leads to wear and tear. Renovation and refurbishment are unavoidable. Renovating certain areas in the house or on the property can have a positive effect on the market value of the property. Engel & Völkers presents you with the five best ideas that will pay off when the property is sold.

- Home renovations to achieve the best resale value: 5 tips from Engel & Völkers. Find out which investments positively affect the property price!

1) Garden paths and driveway

The highest return on the sale of the property is achieved by repairing the natural stone or paving slabs in the garden. This immediately makes the property look neat and tidy. Even before ringing the door bell, the buyer gets a positive first impression and does not stumble about when walking around the garden. He rewards this by being prepared to pay a higher purchase price.

2) Garage door

If looked after properly, a high-quality garage door can be expected to last for a very long time. However, styles change. The appearance of the property is the first, formative impression for which there is no second chance. A modern garage door can have a positive effect on the property prices that can be achieved.

3) Facade renewal

Renovating the facade is one of the more expensive projects, but it pays off. Even cladding with fibre cement panels gives the facade a pleasant appearance, which potential buyers also appreciate and are prepared to pay for. Depending on whether the work is purely for beautification or whether the value of the property is increased by insulation, the return on investment (ROI) is considerable.

4) New windows

Replacing the windows pays off immediately if the property is still in use. This applies at least to condominiums and houses with single- or double-glazed windows. Far more is technically feasible today. Buyers know this too and will take a close look at this feature. Environmental concerns and fear of high operating costs are a deterrent. New windows, on the other hand, are convincing.

5) Terraces and roofing

Having the possibility to sit outside is appealing. An attractive terrace invites you to do just that. Without roofing, however, precipitation and intense sunshine severely restrict its use. Thanks to specially developed systems, skilled property owners can easily carry out this work themselves. The reward: achieving a better price when selling the property.

Measures such as an age-appropriate renovation of the bathroom are also a plus and help to achieve a better price. Such a conversion measure may even be eligible for funding. Another feature that can drive up the property price: the kitchen. Since the Stone Age, home has been the place by the fire and the hot spot of every property.

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