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The right timing for selling your property

When you think of "timing", you might think of a kind of deadline for the optimal sale of your property. It doesn't exist. And even if experienced real estate agents consider a certain season to be more successful than others, it always depends on the individual case. Many a lucrative sale has been successful despite the apparently unfavourable choice of timing.

- If the property sale cannot wait, then it’s important to avoid mistakes. Learn more here about what these are.

These movements are common in the real estate market

Real estate buyers like to use the summer for viewing. Beautiful weather turns a local viewing into an excursion. In summer it seems easier to present the property in the best possible light. Even the well-tended garden can be a sales argument for an attractive market value. In winter, sales figures may decline locally. However, this does not mean that the real estate market is dormant. Buying and selling property is possible in all four seasons.

If the sale cannot wait

Speak to your real estate agent to find out when the best time is to sell your property. He will base this on prices of similar properties that were achieved in the previous period. In view of the rapid developments on the real estate market, these figures may look quite different two months later. If you do not want to wait, at least try to present the property in the best possible way.

What is home staging and why does it work?

If you want to present your property in the best possible light under demanding conditions, chances are good if the property is not occupied. The weak point of many property sales is the furnishing:

• vacancy has a sobering effect

• or the remaining furnishings are unattractive

It requires a high degree of imagination from the buyer to imagine the property as it could be. Creating a homely but unobtrusive atmosphere by, for example, painting the walls or making other improvements makes it easier for the prospective buyer to see the potential of the property. Old furniture, flaking paint and a rampant garden, on the other hand, let him see the problems and work required. This is a deterrent.

The wrong timing for marketing your property

If you do not sell the property, you know that the timing for selling your property was wrong. But perhaps you are not yet aware of the consequences. Properties that remain on the market for too long arouse suspicion and raise questions: What's wrong with this property? Anyone viewing the property with this question in the back of their mind will look for the faults.

Signs of bad timing in the market after the first few weeks

Two things that strongly suggest that this was not a good time to market your property: Your asking price is too high or too low. This may be related to the comparative figures. The differences are clear when you depict the comparative figures of a year or a quarter. Choosing the wrong period carries the risk of miscalculation. In addition, real estate prices are changing. If your asking price is too low, this will arouse the suspicion of potential buyers and also harm you financially if a sale is concluded.

Avoiding calculating the asking price incorrectly

A real estate agent can help you with the sale of your property by providing expertise and knowledge of the market. Engel & Völkers brokers draw on market data from a comprehensive database, use professional evaluation tools and bring the professionalism and experience of an internationally active company to your property sale. This protects against asking price mistakes and bad timing. Your real estate agent will be happy to advise you about the right timing and knows which real estate search trends are currently opening up new sales opportunities. It's well worth it.

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