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Mipim Yacht Charter 2019 - Rent a superyacht for Mipim 2019 in Cannes

Engel & Völkers Yachting offers a selection of luxury yachts for charter at Mipim 2019 Cannes France for corporate and congress yacht charters. Ask our yacht charter brokers in the Mediterranean why companies are renting yachts in Cannes to host professional Mipim events in 2019.

- MIPIM Yacht Charter through Engel & Völkers Yachting

MIPIM Corporate Yacht Charter

What is MIPIM? When is MIPIM this year?

Cannes MIPIM is the prime conference for senior decision makers in the real estate sphere, giving participating companies unrivalled access to development projects, networking opportunities, and global sources of capital.

Running in Cannes March 12th to March 15th 2019, MIPIM attracts over 24,000 participants and over 3,000 exhibitors from more than 100 companies. In order to stand out among this crowded field, your company must make a dramatic impact.

A MIPIM superyacht charter through Engels & Völkers Yachting is the ultimate way to do just that.

This unique combination of luxury yachting and real estate experience sets Engel & Völkers Yachting above and beyond other yacht brokerages operating at Cannes MIPIM.

Why Charter a Corporate Yacht at MIPIM

Rely on the Power of Superyachts to Build Your Brand at MIPIM

Superyachts are the ultimate symbol of success. When you charter a yacht at MIPIM, you are announcing your status as a major player to the international property market.  For established brands, a MIPIM corporate yacht charter signifies your continued dominance in a changing market. For emerging companies, a MIPIM yacht charter marks you out as one to watch.

At MIPIM, it is common knowledge that the most prestigious meetings and memorable parties are hosted on the fleet of superyachts docked in the shadow of the Palais des Festivals.

Brand your MIPIM Yacht to Maximise Exposure

A corporate yacht charter at MIPIM is the opportunity to heavily brand your superyacht with your company logo and banners, dramatically increasing your exposure to conference attendees.

The corporate charter yachts docked on Jetée Edouard Albert by the Palais des Festivals have prime position within the conference, with thousands of attendees walking past, noticing your branding, and chatting with your employees, with VIPs invited onboard for a meeting.

Having a corporate yacht at MIPIM gets you noticed, for all the right reasons. Without a MIPIM yacht charter through Engel & Völkers Yachting, you simply can’t compete.

Host Glamorous Meetings Onboard your MIPIM Charter Yacht

What better way to encourage a prospective client to listen to your presentation or make a deal than with an invite aboard your MIPIM company luxury yacht?

While other festival exhibitors must entertain their VIPs at their stands or an impersonal restaurant, you can invite potential clients and investors to your luxury yacht for a meeting hosted in the luxurious surrounds of the main salon, or with an alfresco lunch over looking the sea.

A MIPIM yacht charter is also a superb way to show your appreciation for your current clients, whether inviting them on board for a meal, or even offering them sought-after accommodation during the show.

Show off with a MIPIM Party Venue Like No Other

There is no better way to create a lasting positive perception of your brand than with a glittering cocktail party on your MIPIM charter yacht, surrounded by your company banners and flags.

Yachts are the ideal party venue, with guests spilling down across three decks and dancing to the music under the Mediterranean stars. Depending on the size of your MIPIM party, Engel & Völkers Yachting can assist you in hiring aband or DJ, as well as engaging a corporate caterer to work in collaboration with the yacht’s private chef.

A MIPIM Charter Yacht Offers Practical, Centralised Conference Accommodation

A MIPIM charter yacht isn’t just a place to host sophisticated presentations and glamorous parties. It’s also a splendidly practical way to organise your company accommodation during the conference.

It can be a logistical and financial headache to find available hotel rooms for employees and VIPs in Cannes during MIPIM, with some exhibitors forced to rent hotel rooms as far away as Nice and having to find transport each day to the event.

With a corporate MIPIM yacht charter, you have accommodation right next to the iconic Palais des Festivals et Congres. Everyone is in the same location, with no need for organising times to meet or shuttles from different hotels.

Additionally, having a yacht at MIPIM is a great way to reward your key staff, while keeping them all centrally located (and motivated) throughout the show. The yacht’s private chef is also always on hand to create gourmet meals onboard, sparing you the trouble and expense of having to dine out at heavily-booked restaurants during the conference. 

Assured Discretion and Professionalism Onboard

When you charter a superyacht, you know that the yacht’s crew are extremely professional, discreet, and highly accustomed to looking after high-profile guests. The level of service onboard is exceptional, so you’ll never be concerned that something might go wrong during the event and reflect poorly on your company brand.

Different Types of MIPIM Yacht Charter

There are two ways to charter a yacht during MIPIM.

  1. A static charter. Static yacht charters happen in Port de Cannes, right next to the Palais des Festivals. The yachts are heavily branded with company materials and remain on the dock throughout the duration of the conference. This is the most prestigious type of yacht charter for MIPIM corporate events, and the berths on the Jetee Albert Edouard are extremely sought after.

  2. A traditional Cannes yacht charter. The second option is to charter a yacht that docks in one of Cannes’ other ports or remains at anchor during the conference. In this scenario, the charter isn't static, so you can take your clients or key staff out for a cruise along the French Riviera coastline in between MIPIM conference business. This option is often chosen by smaller companies who want to use the yacht as accommodation and perhaps for a couple of private meetings, but who aren’t depending on the yacht to build their brand within the conference itself.

- MIPIM Yacht Charter through Engel & Völkers Yachting

Engel & Völkers Yachting: The Local MIPIM Yachting Specialists

As French Riviera yachting and real estate specialists, Engels & Völkers Yachting is highly experienced in organising MIPIM corporate yacht charters. We have an extensive fleet of charter yachts to meet your company needs, whether that’s a glamorous superyacht for a static charter, a yacht with a commercial passenger license for larger corporate groups, or a day boat for taking clients out onthe water.

Our expert Engel & Völkers Yachting charter team can also coordinate with the yacht’s crew to organise event logistics, such as booking entertainment or external catering, marquee hire for the dock, and local printers to have your company banners and flags printed for the event.

There is fierce competition for MIPIM corporate charter yachts and premium berths. Please get in touch to discuss what you want to achieve out of your MIPIM corporate yacht charter experience, so we can match you with the ideal charter yacht and help you reach your company goals.


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