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Paradise at Anchor

The two harbours Marina Genova Aeroporto and Porto Mirabello are paradise at anchor. These berths for sale in Italy are ideal locations for luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

Deciding where to acquire a mooring berth depends on a range of factors. For some, it’s important that there are enticing islands nearby, while others are drawn by the attractions of more inland regions, or close proximity to major cities. Marina Genova Aeroporto and Porto Mirabello offer unique mooring opportunities: The port in Genova is not far at all from the historic old town, while Porto Mirabello is located just next to La Spezia. Both marinas offer a host of top attractions, including a five-star concierge service, boutiques, restaurants and amenities for crew members. With the very long-term leases, these berths for sale in Italy make an excellent investment in the future.

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Transportation ​

It is just as simple and convenient to arrive at Marina Genova Aeroporto as it is at Porto Mirabello. The major airports in the region – the Aeroporto di Genova-Sestri Cristoforo Colombo and the Aeroporto Galileo Galilei in Pisa – have flight links operated by international airlines. Private aircraft can also land at both locations. Helicopter transfers are also possible to both marinas, as there are landing pads on hand. Flights from Milan to Porto Mirabello only take 45 minutes, for instance. The ports are also easily accessible by car. Meanwhile, Monte Carlo, Corsica, Elba, Capri and Sardinia are all just a leisurely yacht ride away from here …

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Local Specialities 

The cuisine in Liguria and Tuscany is influenced by the sea on the one hand, and the forests and fields on the other. Meat dishes such as stuffed roast veal or beef and roast rabbit originate from the inland regions, while all manner of crustaceans and delicious fish including gilthead, sea bass and swordfish are all sourced here from the Mediterranean and cooked the traditional way – “al cartoccio”, in parchment

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Sports & Entertainment 

Thanks to the location of the two North Italian ports, there is a variety of different sports to be enjoyed, either in the immediate surroundings or just a short trip away. They range from water sports to kayaking and canoeing, right through to rafting, canyoning and river trekking. On land, there are just as many outdoor recreational pursuits just waiting to be experienced – from skiing to mountain biking, climbing, tennis, golf, and orienteering.

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Art & Design 

Milan is surely the most modern city for the arts. The “Fondazione Prada” draws crowds with temporary exhibitions. Dimore Studio is now one of the world’s most in-demand furniture studios. And those who like it more classic can visit Milan or Florence Cathedral, the Arena di Verona, the Leaning Tower of Pisa ...

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The cities of Verona, Bologna, Parma, Pisa, Florence and Milan can all be reached just as easily from both ports. The two latter cities, in particular, offer the quintessential Italian shopping experience: fashion. Salvatore Ferragamo is just one of the designers that await in Florence, drawing visitors with women’s shoes, dresses and accessories. The headquarters of the Pucci fashion house can also be found here. In Milan, the great and good of Italy’s fashion world – from Armani to Larusmiani – converge on the “Via Montenapoleone”.

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