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Motor Yachts for Sale

Luxury motor yachts are the ultimate symbol of the good life, promising a happy lifetime of escape, exotic adventures, and special memories for you and your loved ones. With a team of professional crew delivering seven-star service on board and opening up the whole world for your exploration, it’s easy to see why motor yachts for sale are an extremely sought-after purchase by the world’s elite.

Engel & Völkers Yachting is based in the glamorous epicentre of the yachting world of the French Riviera, with a yacht sales fleet that stretches around the world. With in-depth knowledge of the international yacht market and access to privileged yacht owners and buyers, Engel & Völkers Yachting is perfectly positioned to find you the perfect luxury motor yacht for sale – sometimes even if it’s not yet officially on the market.

Offering VIP clients expert advice on the advantages of different yacht builds and designers and using their global networks to source the best motor yachts for sale, Engels & Völkers Yachting’s brokerage team is there to negotiate the best deal and assist you at every step of the way through the contract, sale, and delivery process.

Why Buy a Luxury Motor Yacht?

Buying a motor yacht for sale is the pinnacle of the yachting experience. Chartering is a superb option that many people are extremely content with for their entire lifetime, but some clients prefer the feeling of walking onto a luxury yacht which is truly their second home. Whether you buy or charter is a personal preference, each with its own tempting advantages.

Yacht ownership allows you to call the shots entirely, from staffing the yacht with your select crew (who know the way you like things), to deciding to move the yacht to the South Pacific or Caribbean for a change of scenery. Everything on board is yours to enjoy, and you can refit the yacht when you want to update the décor, electronics, or water toy selection. If you’re buying a custom new-build yacht, you have a thrilling process ahead of building a yacht to your exact preferences, while buying an existing yacht means you can put your stamp on it and enjoy it immediately, without the time-delay of a new build project.

The end of a charter is always bittersweet; when you own a yacht, you know that you’ll be back on board before you know it.

Motor Yachts for Sale: Owning the Dream

Owning a luxury motor yacht is like owning your own private island, one that floats in complete privacy from one stunning destination to the other while your family and friends are looked after by crew who you know and trust. There is no other feeling like walking onto a yacht that you own, before setting off on the ocean for a new and glamorous adventure.

Engel & Völkers Yachting understands the dream of yacht ownership, and can make that dream come true by matching you with your perfect motor yacht for sale.

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