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Engel & Völkers, a Team of Professionals

Real Estate agents are often known to be ‘greedy’ with one another, even though working within the same team. At many agencies this is encouraged, assuming competition between them breeds ambition. We couldn’t disagree more.

At Engel & Völkers we do things differently. We put our agents first by fostering a culture of honesty, support and knowledge sharing. Our approach and internal culture encourage agents to work together and help one another. This results in a team that is motivated and focused, with the ability to count on one another for advice and support.

You would probably ask, how is this done? How can a group work together and help each other when this is an individualistic career? The answer to that, for us, is certainly yes, and yes, they can.

Our agents work together and alone. They have the opportunity to be amongst individuals whose approach to the market is different.

Agents at Engel & Völkers are each allocated their exclusive geographical area. We refer to this structure as the “farming model”. Agents work by focusing in their area, benefiting from high commission rates. They work together by referring any properties to the responsible agent, splitting commissions, working hand in hand to grow their business. Perfect, right? With their attention on a specific area, agents are perfectly positioned to represent sellers and bring in the right buyers. Listings are added to the database for that area as soon as possible, ensuring efficient results.

By keeping competition external rather than internal, our agents can invest their time and energy into becoming experts with the help of their team leader. A good understanding of location-specific demand and market value means that the agent can determine an accurate, realistic asking price for property. Not having to worry about competition from colleagues means that agents can appreciate the finer details of their area, down to the price per square meter of property on a street-by-street basis and give sellers the time and attention they need.

Win-Win situation

Although Engel & Völkers agents have a large degree of autonomy, they still form part of a team and that network of colleagues and management is crucial to everyone’s long-term success. By making transparency a priority, we ensure that all our agents are as well trained and prepared, by providing them with ongoing training and constant support. After all, a happy team is a productive one.

It’s not just the agents that benefit from this business model. All our clients reap the rewards. This system means that buyers are not wasting time viewing properties that are out of budget or unsuitable for their needs because an agent is not familiar with what is available. Buyers are confident that the agent is an expert in their neighbourhood, which contributes towards building trust and respect – a crucial part of the professional relationship between the two.

Agents are also in a better position to guide sellers when it comes to pricing their property, which means the property spends less time on the market before being sold or rented. With our agents empowered to invest in themselves, clients are assured a professional, efficient service that they are likely to recommend in future.

At Engel & Völkers, we are committed to delivering a superior, exclusive service to clients and we have done so for the past 35 years. Being an industry leader means doing right by customers and employees alike and by shifting to a new, team-based model, agents are given all the tools they need to succeed.

We deliver, you succeed!

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