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Real Estate Insight with Margaret Muscat

This week we sat down with Margaret Muscat who manages her team of agents from our St Paul's Bay shop. Margaret has been a loyal agent and Team leader to the Engel & Völkers brand since 2012. Margaret talks about what differentiates Engel & Völkers from other real estate agencies in Malta, her typical day as a Team leader, what she loves about her job and how she goes about training her team of agents.

What differentiates Engel & Völkers from other Real Estate Agencies?

The main difference between an Engel & Völkers agency and other agencies on the island is that the Engel & Völkers brand worldwide adopted a “farming area” model which makes its area managers and agents true experts due to the size of the “farming area” thus making it possible to really and truly become an expert in the assigned area. This also means that each listing within the farming area is allotted to agents whilst the sales of all properties are open to all agents making it much easier for them to close with the help of the farming agent. A true blessing when it comes to the daily routine. This smooths out all the stress from an agent’s day to day schedule. The strategy and model we have in place, helps to facilitate focus and creates a family atmosphere that leaves no space for internal competition for our agents.

Could you describe your typical day as a Real Estate Team Leader?

I am an early riser and enjoy getting to the office early to start my day. Working in a fresh, clean and friendly environment helps in starting my day with a smile. I work hand in hand with my agents, and I believe in leading by example. I cannot expect them to do what I don’t do, that is why I am always the first in and the last out and I am available to all my agents whenever they need me. My office routine starts off with distributing website leads to my agents and helping them by discussing potential properties for their client base. The rest of the day consists of serving valuations of property, discussing closings with sellers and buyers, attending various viewings with my agents and the rewarding part comes when I attend a promise of sale. The highlight is seeing how happy and content our buyers/sellers are with the accomplished buy/sale of the property we just signed a promise of sale on.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The part of my career I like best is that we work at our own pace with the least intrusion from above although one appreciates that supervision by people at the top is being conducted without being that conspicuous. Another satisfaction is felt when you comprehend that both buyer and seller are satisfied by the negotiations conducted and the deal concluded.

What does your family say about the type of career you chose?

My husband and my three children today understand why. At first, they felt my absence because of the long working hours, which was my choice, however, they have come to understand and enjoy the sociability this kind of work brings, and they also really like the outcome of each successful deal. I am happy to say that my contribution to my family is not only financial. My pride as a mother of three and a wife is that I contribute to their well being by preparing them well, the expectations about adulthood and what the world has to offer and all of this because of my experiences as a working mother. I look back and am very happy to have decided to go back to work in 2012 and I thank my husband for supporting my wishes. Today I feel that we have a productive and balanced life.

How do you go about training your agents? 
My first task with my agents is to instill a real sense of belonging to E&V and to the team they are working with, everything being a direct result of treating and being treated humanely and justly. Good manners cannot be emphasised more with all people encountered who come from all sorts. Sales and persuasion skills will be passed on and the readiness on the agents' part to answer all questions should be evident. Hesitation and procrastination are to be avoided. Although referring to professionals for their advice when needed is to be considered a plus.

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