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Spring Gardens

by Hannah Grech

As spring rolls around this year we find ourselves with some more time on our hands. Social distancing has become the norm, finding ourselves stuck indoors looking through our windows wishing to be outdoors. We are lucky enough in Malta to be able to enjoy the outdoors for the most part of the year. Whether you have a small garden, a large garden or a terrace, it doesn’t take that much to prepare your space to look great in spring.

Planning a garden or terrace garden from scratch could be so much fun. Decide how you would like the space to be used and what you wish to be surrounded by. An important thing to watch out for is whether your garden or terrace faces North, South East or West. The direction the garden faces will define what you can plant and what will grow nicely. No matter how much care and attention you give to plants, they will not thrive if you don’t know their specific needs. In general, plants need either full or partial sunlight or partial shade, therefore, what you plant and where, will determine on how well your plants will do. When plotting up the garden or terrace, arrange it so that a part of it is shaded and the other part exposed, this way you get to enjoy a variety of plants.  

Plants need room to grow, if the roots get crowded then they will not flourish or blossom. If this happens then you need to move that plant to a larger potholder, so think about the plant and its growth so that the plants can thrive in the pots you put them in. The same goes for watering your plants, which when watered too much or too little is damaging for certain plants. The best way to determine how much water a plants needs is to stick your finger about an inch into the soil and if the soil is slightly dry then you need to add water. 

It would be great if we could create the plants we want and see fast growth, unfortunately this does not happen, and we must rely on techniques used for generations. Productive and healthy plants start with the best growing conditions of rich, well-draining soil. Once you have created your garden or terrace then make it a point to check your plants often at least every other day to see how they are doing. This will help you detect any problems sooner and pay attention to weed and disease so that your plants continue to thrive. Make it a point to annually add one inch of compost manure.  This will help provide nitrogen and improve drainage and soil texture so that plants can get the oxygen they need. 

Finally, here are a few ingredients to help make your garden grow! Egg shells, club soda, aquarium water, bananas, compost tea, wood ash.   

Taking care of plants can be very rewarding. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

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Living and working in Malta

Home to more than 450,000 inhabitants, Malta is the smallest country to join the European Union in 2004. In 2008, it became part of the Eurozone. Though Malta is well-known as a popular tourist destination with plenty of recreational areas and historical monuments including nine UNESCO world heritage sites, it is not known for its luxury properties and real estate for sale and rent! Besides having first-class accommodation, Malta is home to numerous companies and industries ranging from banking and financing to construction, retail, and i-gaming. Working in Malta requires the proper permits, and those seeking employment are encouraged to find a suitable job before moving into their purchased or rented property.

A new residency scheme was launched in June 2013 which allows people to buy a high-value property and pay taxes in Malta to benefit from the residence permit. Under the new Global Residence Programme, the value of immovable property bought in Malta by foreigners has a minimum threshold of €275,000. However, when the property is in the South of Malta or on the sister island of Gozo, the minimum value is reduced to €220,000. This new scheme also allows persons eligible if they wished to rent a property and this has been lowered to €9,600 in Malta and €8750 in Gozo or the South of Malta. The minimum tax to be paid under this scheme is a minimum of €15,000 on income derived in Malta, further income arising in Malta shall be taxed at a flat rate of 35%.

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Malta has several Special Designated Areas that offer a wide variety of properties to buy or rent! Whether you are looking for a new luxury apartment with views of the Portomaso marina or an expansive villa situated in Santa Maria Estate, our team will help you find a property for rent or sale that suits your needs. From apartments with a view to villas with several, we have it all.

After you've purchased property

For such a small island, Malta is packed with amazing things to see and do. From visiting historic sites to relaxing on beautiful beaches. Visitors can take their pick of activities which will suit any mood or taste.

A selection below are the top destinations that any person should see when coming to Malta. These include Valletta; Mdina; Paceville; Blue Lagoon (Comino Island) and Gozo

Valletta recently voted the European Capital for Culture for 2018 is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valletta is the hub of tourism in Malta and for good reason. It is full of historical significance, with the likes of St John’s Cathedral, forts, and museums and much more squeezed into a tiny area. As far as beautiful towns go with plenty to see, Valletta is up there with the best.

Mdina is known as the jewel in the crown of Malta and it is a fair assessment. The walled city is full of tiny alleys which you can wind your way through, stumbling across beautiful churches and museums along the way. Now effectively part of the town of Rabat, this definitely shouldn’t be left off your Maltese itinerary.

Malta has a reputation for being a destination for the older generation, but Paceville puts lie to that. This is where the youngsters come to drink and party and you can rely on having a good evening out here. It’s not just loud music for teenagers either; there are plenty of civilized bars and restaurants if you don’t want to rave into the early hours.

A beautiful area of clear blue water which is fantastic for swimming and is the perfect place for a day out at the beach. Arguably the best place for swimming in the whole Mediterranean, the Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino.

Just a 30-minute ferry trip away from Malta, Gozo is a beautiful, rural island which gives you a glimpse into what Malta looked like a few decades ago. Sleepy villages, rugged coastline, and beautiful countryside all make this a fantastic place to visit. But one of the main draws is the diving off the coast. Malta has been named as one of the best places to scuba dive in the world, and Gozo is one of the best spots to do it.

No matter where your interests lie, Malta has you covered; with Engel & Völkers Sara Grech by your side, your home in this beautiful part of the world is also covered. Contact us today to find out more about our villas, apartments and other properties for sale and rent!

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