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Buying real estate with Engel & Völkers in Central Malta

Malta’s central region is one of the country’s five regions and includes the central part of the main island and borders the northern, southern and southeastern regions. The central region also includes parts of the northern harbour and western districts. With a character all of its own, this region of Malta is a very authentic and charming part of the country. With only a few hotels here, most visitors are day trippers eager to take a step back in time and wander through glorious open landscapes and undulating green hills, while also taking the opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s ancient and medieval history. However, central Malta is also very attractive for those interested in exploring its potential for establishing a new residence or investing in real estate in this part of the country. With this in mind, Malta’s central region boasts a superb selection of properties that include luxurious apartments, penthouses, townhouses, Houses of Character, villas and palazzos exclusively on offer from Engel & Völkers, Malta.

1. Central Malta is a prime location for buying property: Attard, Balzan, Lija, Mosta and Naxxar

1.1 What you should know about Attard as your new real estate location

1.2 Find your new house or apartment in Balzan for sale through Engel & Völkers Malta

1.3 Interested in buying real estate in Lija? Check with our agents for the area’s main selling points

1.4 This is why Mosta is ideal for your next property purchase

1.5 Naxxar offers a variety of properties to choose from

1.6 Other locations of interest

2. Buying houses, holiday properties and land: central Malta at a glance

3. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expert advice and know-how for buying real estate

1. Central Malta is a prime location for buying property: Attard, Balzan, Lija, Mosta and Naxxar

Malta is without a doubt a unique mixture of different cultural and geographical characteristics as reflected by the many beautiful and fascinating places to visit and explore in each of its regions, so let’s turn our attention to five locations in the central part of the country that we believe show what this region is truly about, focusing also on the outstanding real estate buying opportunities available here.

1.1 What you should know about Attard as your new real estate location

Attard is a highly sought after village, quiet and quaint, located in the centre of Malta, forming part of the “Three Villages”, together with Balzan and Lija. Attard is well known for its beautiful flower gardens such as San Anton Gardens and Gnien L-Istazzjon, citrus orchards, music recitals and other attractions, making it an interesting place to visit and perhaps even live. This area of Attard is surrounded by converted residences built by the Knights of St. John. Attard is characterised by pretty alleys and unique village squares, while shops and markets for your day-to-day needs are accessible within walking distance. It goes without saying that excellent healthcare facilities are also readily available, even for your pets. For aviation buffs a visit to the Malta Aviation Museum is an absolute must. Attard has also seen an increase in entertainment and commercial enterprises in recent years. And please don’t miss out on some of the excellent dining that Attard has to offer, for example, the La Siciliana or the Golden Fork. The area is popular with first-time buyers and families due to its location, with Engel & Völkers’ portfolio offering a prime selection of apartments, penthouses, maisonettes, Houses of Character, and palazzos. ​

Real Estate Attard

1.2 Find your new house or apartment in Balzan for sale through Engel & Völkers Malta

Balzan is a quiet village and highly preferred location situated in the centre of Malta and together with Attard and Lija makes up the “Three Villages”. The village is well known for its architectural heritage and beautiful features, which can be seen everywhere when walking the streets. Key points here are a number of very old houses that feature age-old architectural characteristics. The village originally consisted of a group of small dwellings and farms, but eventually in the 17th century it flourished, then becoming a parish. A centrepiece of the village is the parish church, The Parish Church of the Annunciation, which dates back to the 17th century. Another point of interest is the Wignacourt Aqueduct, also built in the 17th century and used until the 20th century to transport water from Rabat to Valletta, parts of which can still be seen in Balzan today. Although the village itself does not boast a particularly wide range of shopping opportunities, it does, however, offer basic amenities such as supermarkets, banks, post offices, and some cafes, bars, and restaurants. If Balzan is a place you’d like to call your second home or if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, check out Engel & Völkers’ portfolio of apartments, penthouses, maisonettes, townhouses, villas, palazzos, and Houses of Character for more details.

Real Estate Balzan

1.3 Interested in buying real estate in Lija? Check with our agents for the area’s main selling points

Lija is a small village in the centre of Malta forming part of the “Three Villages” together with Balzan and Attard. The centre of the all towns are known as Urban Conservation Areas, meaning that any real estate development within this area has to ensure that the existing character of the area is retained. Any structural works have to keep to the traditional and historical architectural features that include wooden balconies, iron railings and carved stone, thereby preserving the beauty of the area. In addition to a Baroque parish church and seven other small chapels, Lija also has several antique Houses of Character, and as the host of the annual Maltese Citrus Festival the village is also home to plenty of citrus gardens. It is also well known for its yearly feast offering a spectacular display of fireworks, which attracts thousands of locals and tourists in the first week of August. As in its neighbouring village Attard, shops and markets in Lija are available within walking distance for your day-to-day needs, including restaurants and cafes, and there has also been an increase in entertainment and commercial enterprises. Overall, Lija is a location with a multitude of attractions, making it a popular choice for first-time buyers and families. So if Lija is the right place for you, let Engel & Völkers show you their offering of apartments, penthouses, maisonettes, townhouses, villas, palazzos, and Houses of Character available here.

Real Estate Lija

1.4 This is why Mosta is ideal for your next property purchase

Mosta is the third most populous town in Malta. Its most prominent building is the Rotunda in the town centre, a large basilica that features one of the world's largest unsupported domes. Mosta celebrates the feast of the Assumption every 15th of August, popular among both the locals and tourists. Once a tiny hamlet and inhabited since pre-historic times, Mosta today combines both modern urban and more traditional rural lifestyles. Its public transportation system is well connected to both northern and southern Malta, making all parts of the country easily accessible from here. Mosta is witnessing the construction of many new houses, with new built-up zones with residential houses on the outskirts of the town’s older sections. Mosta has also become a bustling commercial centre, making it a big town by local standards, and it is today among the largest in Malta. Amenities of all types, including supermarkets for your shopping needs as well as some quaint bars and restaurants can be found here. If Mosta is the right fit for you and you want an overview of the real estate available here, contact Engel & Völkers for more information about maisonettes, townhouses, apartments, terraced houses, and plots of land on offer.

Real Estate Mosta

1.5 Naxxar offers a variety of properties to choose from

Naxxar is a small town in the central northern part of Malta, with a population of around 15,000. The first settlements date back to prehistoric times. The Naxxar Church, a key point of interest, is dedicated to Our Lady of Victories, and a major event on the town’s agenda is the annual feast that is celebrated on the 8th of September each year. Legend has it that the people of Naxxar were the first to help the shipwrecked, including Saint Paul, when the ship he was on went aground on the rocks. The Naxxar locality itself is spread over an area of eleven square kilometres. As is typical in Malta, the local clubs, cafes, restaurants and shops are all concentrated around the area of the church. There is an abundance of shopping opportunities, including a large supermarket and various small branded shops following the opening of the Pama Shopping Village, which is on the outskirts of Naxxar but within walking distance of the town centre. For those who are more into a day of relaxation start off with breakfast in the beautiful gardens of Palazzo Parisio, then a visit to a spa might be a great option, and afterwards you can spoil yourself and your palate at some fine restaurants such as the Orchard Restaurant or the Cellini. Naxxar also has a varied selection of prime real estate to offer, so do check out Engel & Völkers’ portfolio of properties such as farmhouses, villas, apartments, and townhouses now available.

Real Estate Naxxar

1.6 Other locations of interest in central Malta

Now for a brief look at some other places of interest in central Malta:

Birkirkara is a city in the central region of Malta, the second most populous on the island. The town consists of five autonomous parishes, and is situated in a valley. It is now an important commercial centre as well as a densely populated residential area. Hamrun is a town located in the south central part of Malta, and it is increasingly becoming a cultural melting pot, especially in culinary terms. Of particular note is its annual chocolate festival. Iklin, formerly part of the “Three Villages” is located in the central region of Malta, with a population of over 3,000. It was established in the mid-20th century, but some archaeological remains suggest earlier settlements. Qormi is the fifth-largest city in Malta, with first settlements dating back to the Bronze Age. It is noted for its role as Malta’s bread-making capital, and also for its annual wine festival. Santa Venera, a small town with a population of around 7,000, saw the beginning of the construction of the Wignacourt Aqueduct in the early 1600s.It is also noted for several outstanding educational institutes. Swatar, a hamlet situated in Birkirkara and in Msida, has been primarily agricultural land since the Arab period in Malta, remaining largely uninhabited, but with the population increasing in the second half of 20th century. San Pawl tat-Targa is located centrally, and is part of the greater Naxxar area. Located in this area are various beautiful villas boasting their own swimming pools and large gardens.

2. Buying land, houses and holiday properties: central Malta at a glance

The real estate market in Malta generally has been on an upward trend and shown very robust growth for a good many years, and of course the central Malta region is no exception. Malta’s rich history, its culture and charm, and the country’s natural beauty are the factors that draw clients to this island paradise, discovering and recognizing at the same time the benefits of a real estate investment in this region. This is what is driving substantially increasing interest in and demand for spacious townhouses, villas, Houses of Character, luxury apartments, penthouses, palazzos, terraced houses, farmhouses, and plots of land.

Attard, Balzan, Lija, and Mosta are all very popular with the middle and upper class, and for the most part these locations are situated in Urban Conservation Areas. The types of properties found in these locations range from modern apartments and penthouses, built on the outskirts of the respective village, to traditional houses, villas and palazzos featuring various elements of beautiful architecture in the village core. Prices for a townhouse in these four locations, for example, start from €500,000, then depending on its size, condition and location, range up to €3,500,000, similar to a typical palazzo, which starts at around this price. The villages also offer apartments and maisonettes for sal e, with starting prices at around €200,000. Penthouses range between around €270,000 and €950,000, depending on size and location. Houses of Character start as low as €475,000, topping out at €3,000,000. Terraced houses range between €560,000 and €800,000.

Naxxar is an ideal, and well sought out location offering a variety of different types of properties such as farmhouses, villas, apartments, and townhouses. The core of the village offers a different lifestyle, more peaceful and quiet and not as busy as in the outskirts. Apartments have become more common in Naxxar in recent years, with prices starting from €310,000. Houses of Character start at €200,000 for an unconverted House, all the way up to €2,000,000 for a detached house with a pool and parking facilities.

3. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expert advice and know-how for buying real estate

Buying real estate is not a simple matter, especially if the object that you have in mind is located in a foreign country whose property laws and regulations are different from those of your own country. The paperwork and dealing with local authorities alone can be a daunting task at best. The best and safest approach to take is to seek out the services of a trusted real estate agency that will be able to give you a true appraisal of the value of the property you wish to purchase and take care of all the red tape that a real estate purchase involves. 

Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority at Engel & Völkers Malta. Our experienced, multilingual real estate agents, who receive regular training to enhance their knowledge of the market to best serve their clients, are passionate about their commitment to achieve the high standards set by Engel & Völkers. Our expertise in the field of prime residential real estate and our detailed knowledge of the local property market are the decisive factors that provide the support you need to make the best possible decision. We make every effort to ensure that you are kept in the loop about the current market situation and any new listings that are posted. And if you want to sell or just rent a property, our agents look forward to hearing from you.

So whether it’s a townhouse, a villa, a House of Character, or a luxury apartment that has captured your interest, contact the local experts at Engel & Völkers.

To arrange a free and non-binding meeting with us, simply call us at +30 2111055000 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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