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With a population of just over 500,000, Malta is an island-state archipelago consisting of the larger island of Malta itself and its two smaller neighbours Gozo and Comino. Whether you are looking to relocate to Malta as an expat for a few years, or to retire and enjoy the sea and sun, or raise a family and build a life here in Malta, let Engel & Völkers help you find the perfect house or apartment that suits your needs, whether you require to rent an apartment with easy access to the sea or a beautiful villa in a quiet village in the south.

  1. Malta is a prime location for renting property: Highlights of Malta
  2. Why choose a rental solution in Malta?
  3. Property types available for rent and the most popular locations in Malta
  4. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expertise in the rental market
- Are you looking for a property to rent in Malta? You will find various properties in Engel & Völkers’ extensive portfolio.

1. Malta is a prime location for renting property: Highlights of Malta

Centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa, just to the south of Sicily, Malta is an extraordinary mixture of various cultural and geographical characteristics that invites visitors over to visit and explore its rich history and myriad attractions. It is also well known for its enjoyable climate, its historical sites, regional festivals, cliffs and spectacular views, and of course, its stunning landscapes. Malta is an ideal place to call home or to otherwise own a second getaway home. Let’s take a brief look at some of the main factors that make Malta an attractive place to rent a property and establish a residence here.

Most importantly, Malta is a beautiful, exciting island situated centrally in the Mediterranean, and the key factor here is its easy accessibility from virtually any major European as well as North African location. Flight times are relatively short, with most carriers operating direct services daily. A major motive for many people considering the possibility of renting a property in Malta is the weather, especially for those wanting to escape the harsh winters. Malta is ideal as the island offers great weather all year round, allowing you to enjoy its countless beautiful beaches and a host of sporting activities, including diving, sailing or, if you prefer, a round of golf at the island’s Royal Malta Golf Club.

Settling in and becoming a part of the community is easy because the people of Malta are very friendly and outgoing and more than happy to welcome new residents from abroad. Therefore, conditions for renting a luxury apartment, a spacious house or a comfortable villa in Malta are excellent. Besides Maltese, English is also an official language and spoken everywhere and this makes it easy to communicate with your new neighbours. As an EU member, Malta is a politically stable country, and its well-developed infrastructure and high level of security makes it a very safe place to live, both for visitors and residents. For school age children there are a number of top schools to ensure that their educational needs are fully met in an English language environment. Equally as important is the question of healthcare. Malta’s hospitals – both private and national – are there to provide the high standard of medical services that you can expect in an EU country.

Properties Available for Rent

As you’ll soon discover once you settle into your rental house, villa, apartment or penthouse, Malta is characterised by a rich history and cultural life, which is evident everywhere, whether you’re visiting archaeological remains from the earliest settlements or the many historic buildings that form the many mosaics of Malta’s past. Returning from your trip back in time, you’ll find that modern day Malta also has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to indulging in comforts at many of the fine restaurants, cafes and bars in the various regions of the island.

The Maltese property market is well developed with many attractive listings available for rent, and together with the island’s low cost of living and residency programmes, these factors make Malta a highly attractive place in which to rent a property for the duration of your choice. Our experts at Engel & Völkers are there to advise you about your options and provide you with any information you may need about renting an apartment, house or penthouse or perhaps a commercial property.

- Whether for a temporary or a permanent residence: Malta is a compelling choice in all aspects regarding the rental of an exclusive property.

2. Why choose a rental solution in Malta?

If you are considering moving to Malta and depending on how long you plan to stay, there are basically two viable options: either renting or buying a property. For a short-term stay, a rental solution would obviously be the best choice. However, even if you’re considering staying for a longer period, we would suggest that you begin by first renting an apartment or a small house for the first few months and using this time to get to know the island. The process of searching for available rentals on your own can prove to be challenging; however, our Engel & Völkers agents are only a phone call away and always available to assist you with their expertise. 

Our agents are available to help you with any queries or concerns that you may have about the new rental regulations that recently went into effect, whether you’re a tenant or whether you’re looking for a property to rent. Our agents are also happy to register the rental contract on your behalf, and we also offer the service of compiling the inventory of the contents of your rental property.

In the beginning of 2020, Malta saw the introduction of the latest legislation governing the rental of residential properties in Malta. The rental legislation introduced new requirements for both tenants and landlords, such as the mandatory registration of the rental contract and contract terms. It is solely regulated by the Housing Authority. Engel & Völkers Malta CEO, Benjamin Tabone Grech, who took an active part in the rental reform, welcomes the new reform, stating that it is a major step towards increasing professionalism and stability in the sector, which will reduce abuse.

- Whether you want to rent an apartment, an exclusive house or a penthouse – Malta will convince you with its various location advantages and with its enchanting natural landscape.

3. Property types available for rent and the most popular locations in Malta

The main types of rental properties available in Malta are apartments, penthouses, and houses, and there are various locations which specialise in offering a wide selection of a specific type of property. 

If you’re looking to rent an apartment or a penthouse, St. Julian’sSliemaGziraValletta, and Msida are the key locations for this type of property. St. Julian’s and Sliema are the two most popular locations as they are close to the major nightlife entertainment areas, restaurants, and other attractions. St. Julian’s is a very vibrant town situated on the coast, abounding in all sorts of entertainment and amenities, as is Sliema, also located on the coast near St. Julian’s, and a major centre for entertainment, shopping opportunities and a wide array of amenities. Popular also is the small town of Gzira, with a beautiful promenade and stunning seafront views of Valletta illuminated at night. Msida is a harbour and fishing town on the northeast coast and an important thoroughfare for various key bus routes. And of course there is Valletta, Malta’s capital, packed with history and culture, a city abuzz with entertainment, restaurants, bars, and cafes, offering endless shopping at its countless shops of all types.

When it comes to house rentals, however, Valletta and Santa Maria Estate, a hilly, prime residential neighbourhood in Malta’s northern region with a superb beach and a host of watersports activities, have also become very popular. Other key locations for this property type include Gharghur, a small rural town situated on a hilltop and one of Malta’s highest elevations; Bahar Ic Caghaq, a coastal village located at the mouth of the longest valley of the island; and Madliena, formerly a rural area and now residential in character. Also noted for its fine selection of rental houses and located in the southeastern part of Malta is Marsascala, a seaside village with a buzzing lifestyle, while Rabat, well known for its rich history and stunning architecture, is located in the western region. Located in Malta’s central region with an excellent portfolio of rental houses are Lija and Mosta, both very popular middle and upper class residential districts and part of an Urban Conservation Area, as well as Iklin, a modern town developed in the mid-20th century.

4. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expertise in the rental market

Relocating and establishing a residence abroad for whatever period of time is a major decision and there are many factors that need to be considered. One obvious factor is where to put down your roots and what kind of accommodation is best suited to your needs. Even if you’re planning a long-term stay and your aim is to eventually buy a property in Malta, it may well be worth considering renting a home for a certain period of time to allow yourself to become familiar with your new surroundings and give yourself time to observe the property market before buying. With over 35 years of experience in the residential property market, our real estate agents at Engel & Völkers are very passionate and well informed about the areas which they focus on. Our track record and reputation rank us among the top property market agents in Malta, and we make every effort to maintain our high standards of excellence to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our agents are there to provide you with any assistance you may need when considering the various rental options in the area of your choice, and to give you a detailed und true appraisal of a specific property you have in mind. Once you’ve made your decision, we stand ready to take care of all the rental-related paperwork necessary to make your transition from your home country to Malta as smooth as possible. 

So whether it’s a house, a penthouse, an apartment or a maisonette you wish to rent, contact the local experts at Engel & Völkers for more detailed information and assistance.

To arrange a free and non-binding meeting with us, simply call us at +30 2111055000 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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