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Malta is an island-state located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, Italy, consisting of three islands: Malta, the largest and main island and the smaller islands of Gozo and Comino. Throughout its history, the Maltese archipelago always played a central strategic role in the domination of the Mediterranean. Malta has a population of around 515,000, and with a size of around 316 km² it is only about 1/8 as big as Luxembourg. The capital city is Valletta on the island of Malta. Great Britain acquired possession of Malta in the early 19th century and it remained in the Commonwealth when it became independent in 1964. Malta became a republic in 1974 and joined the EU as a member state in 2004. 

Because of its geographical location, Malta today is a popular tourist destination and known for its warm climate, rich history, and breath-taking landscapes. But more than that it is also known for its still developing but already well established property market, offering a great selection of prime real estate buying opportunities with a history of capital appreciation annually. It is here that Engel & Völkers has established itself as a key player, offering a select portfolio of houses, townhouses, villas, apartments and maisonettes, among other property types as well as commercial investments. 

  1. Malta is a prime location for buying property: What makes Malta so unique
  2. Introducing the various regions in Malta: North, South, East, West, and Central
  3. Buying property in Malta: Various property types at a glance
  4. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expert advice and know-how for buying real estate

1. Malta is a prime location for buying property: What makes Malta so unique

Malta is without a doubt unique mainly because of its size as well as the mixture of different cultural and geographical characteristics that make it a great place to visit and explore. But what are the factors that make it so attractive for those also interested in the real estate buying opportunities available here?

​First and foremost, Malta is a charming and exciting island, right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the key factors here is that it is easily accessible from virtually all major European as well as North African cities, requiring only relatively short traveling times on daily flights from most airports. Situated as it is, the island offers great weather throughout the year , so that you can enjoy its excellent beaches, crystal clear waters, and sporting activities such as diving, sailing and other water sports all year round, and even play 18 holes at the Royal Malta Golf Club.

As you’ll soon discover, the people of Malta are very friendly, welcoming, and hospitable, making it easy for new residents to feel at home within the island’s local communities. This is facilitated by the fact that besides Maltese, English is also an official language and is spoken fluently here. Another point to consider is that Malta is an EU member country, politically stable, and with only a very low crime rate, it is a very safe place for visitors and residents alike. In addition, its well-developed infrastructure ensures that any services you may need are easily accessible such as healthcare, which is provided by Malta’s excellent national and private hospitals. For parents with children, there are a number of top schools to meet their educational needs in an English speaking environment as well as university level institutes. 

What also inspires people to come to Malta is its rich history and cultural life, which is more than abundant everywhere you go, whether you’re viewing archaeological remains from prehistoric times or the countless palaces, churches and chapels that bear witness to the country’s colourful past. A wide selection of superb restaurants, cafes and bars provide the background in which people of all ages can enjoy Malta’s excellent and diverse social life. 

Interesting for prospective real estate clients is Malta’s very stable and well developed property market together with the country’s low cost of living and low taxation levels, making Malta an ideal place for real estate investment opportunities. Our experts at Engel & Völkers are there to provide you with any information you may need and to show you our prime selection of houses, townhouses, villas, apartments and maisonettes available for sale.

Real Estate in Malta

2. Introducing the various regions in Malta: North, South, East, West, and Central

The best way to get an overall view of Malta is by taking a brief look at the individual regions into which the country is divided. 

​The northern region of Malta is located along the northern coast of the island, providing the perfect setting for a lovely holiday with its fine selection of sandy beaches and attractive water sport activities, making it the ideal place to enjoy everything this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer during the daytime. Then wind down the day by allowing yourself to be lured into its vibrant nightlife with its exquisite restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes. In this region, our focus is on two locations: Mellieha and Wardija. Mellieha is a hilltop town providing breath-taking views of the surrounding area with a host of fantastic beaches nearby and a fine selection of restaurants and bars for your enjoyment. Wardija, a small hamlet in St. Paul’s Bay, is more noted for its historical significance because of the archaeological remains found there and some of its beautiful residences dating back to the 19th century. Surrounded by pastoral fields and meadows, Wardija is the perfect place to rest and recharge. And what better way to do so than in your own house or apartment, which you can find in our Engel & Völkers extensive property portfolio.

The southern region of Malta includes the southern part of the main island. It differs from the other regions, which are more popular with tourists, because the focus here is more on a lifestyle in a village type of environment rather than on the more flamboyant type of holiday experience to be expected in the other regions. The key locations in this region are Marsascala and Vittoriosa / Birgu. Marsascala is a rather more laid-back seaside village in southeastern Malta. It was originally a fishing village but is slowly drawing more tourists, while at the same time retaining its original charm and authenticity. Vittoriosa / Birgu is a beautiful and quiet fortified town noted for its long and rich history, going back to the days of the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans, which visitors can relive at the town’s two museums. Besides the beautiful architecture visible everywhere, the town’s waterfront offers excellent opportunities for sampling local food and drink. So if this region is the place to put down your roots, contact Engel & Völkers for more information about available houses, villas or apartments.

Some of the key places that make Malta such an attractive and popular place to visit and live are located in the country’s eastern region. Of all the main island’s regions, tourists and people considering buying real estate are drawn primarily to this part of Malta not only because of the shopping and entertainment opportunities available here but also because of this region’s high infrastructure standards. There are several key locations here, and among these are Valletta and St. Julian’s. For anyone interested in absorbing as much of Maltese history and culture as possible, Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is the place to visit. The city abounds in historical and architectural highlights, housing a great variety of the finest churches and palaces with some of the most exquisite architectural features. Endless shopping and a vibrant nightlife round off this city’s main attractions. St. Julian’s is one of the most favoured coastal locations in this region, known for its lively and buzzing lifestyle and offering some of the best sea views anywhere. No need for extensive travelling as the myriad of amenities available here are all easily accessible and within walking distance. Why not contact Engel & Völkers to find out more about attractive apartments or houses available for purchase in this region?

Although the western region of Malta is the second largest in terms of size, it is rather more sparsely populated and ranks only fifth in population. Like all parts of Malta, this region has its own individual character, with key attractions inviting visitors to step back in time and enter its ancient and medieval history. Because this region is also noted for its beautiful scenery and countryside as well as for its history, it is often sought out for the opportunities it offers for relocating and establishing a new residence. Key locations here are Mdina and Rabat. Mdina is a fortified medieval town and was Malta’s former capital up to this period. Situated on a large hill in the centre of Malta with splendid views of the surrounding countryside, this town is known as the “Silent City” because of its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is also renowned for its Norman and Baroque architecture and its many palaces, many of which today are private homes, and of course for its many churches. Neighbouring Mdnia is the town of Rabat, also noted for its rich history and architecture evident everywhere in its monasteries, palazzos and churches. Rabat boasts a much more buzzing and active lifestyle . Its central location and readily accessible public transport makes it easy to travel to other locations in the region. Such a central location may be the ideal place to look for a house or an apartment to buy, so contact Engel & Völkers for more information about available property listings.

Malta’s central region also includes parts of the northern harbour and western districts. Very authentic and charming, this region is home to only a few hotels, with most visitors here for the day to enjoy and explore the open countryside and to familiarize themselves with this region’s ancient and medieval history . However, Malta’s central region also offers great opportunities for those interested in buying various types of real estate for residential or investment purposes. There are several key locations in the central region, among them are Attard and Mosta. Attard is a part of the “Three Villages”, and because it is quiet and rather quaint and well known for its beautiful gardens and orchards, it is a highly preferred location. The area is surrounded by converted residences built by the Knights of St. John. Amenities for your shopping or healthcare needs are accessible within walking distance and excellent dining opportunities are also available. Mosta is Malta’s third most populous town and renowned for its magnificent building, the Rotunda, in the town centre. Once a hamlet going back to prehistoric times, Mosta today is one of Malta’s largest towns offering a wide array of amenities and combines both  modern urban-oriented and more traditional lifestyles. Its public transportation system is very well connected, allowing easy access to places in northern and southern Malta. If this region offers the right mix of attractions for you, don’t hesitate to call us at Engel & Völkers for information on available properties here such as apartments, houses or villas.

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3. Buying property in Malta: Various property types at a glance

A closer look at the real estate market in Malta as a whole during the period beginning in 2017 Q1 to the present time reveals a consistently upward trend with robust growth in all major property types due to the continued increase in demand for real estate either for the purpose of the owner utilising the purchased property or for investment purposes. The data for apartments and maisonettes show a steady increase in prices for both property types between 2017 Q1 and 2019 Q2, with price growth levelling off slightly thereafter. Average prices for apartments stood at around €230,000 at the beginning of the period compared to an average of around €320,000 at the present time. For maisonettes the figures are slightly lower at around €210,000 and €310,000 , respectively. Average prices for penthouses increased from around €310,000 to €400,000 during the same period and show a price growth trend similar to those for apartments and maisonettes. In Q1 2017 the average price for houses of character stood at around €430,000 , and the price trend for this property type shows slightly more dynamic growth up to 2019 Q3, then reaching a plateau and moving up again starting in Q4 of 2020. Currently, the average price for a house of character stands at around €620,000.

4. Engel & Völkers Malta – providing expert advice and know-how for buying real estate

Whether you’ve already made definite plans to buy a property or by chance you’ve discovered a cosy location for a second home, the next question is how to go about buying it. However, if the object of your dreams is not at home but in a foreign country whose laws and regulations you are unfamiliar with, that can certainly be a challenge. Coming to terms with the red tape, the local authorities and any number of other things alone can be overwhelming. The safest and most convenient way is to entrust your wishes and requirements to the local real estate experts, who have first-rate knowledge of the local market and whose full service approach includes giving a fair appraisal of the property you have in mind and taking care of all and any loose ends that real estate transactions typically entail. 

At Engel & Völkers Malta, our experienced, multilingual real estate agents’ top priority is to provide you with the best possible service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Intensive regular training, keeping a constant watch on the market, and a commitment to meet the high standards we set are what has earned Engel & Völkers its place as a key player in the Maltese real estate market. Our expertise and our up-to-date and detailed knowledge of the local prime residential property market are the key factors that form the basis for helping you to make the best possible decision to serve your needs. If you wish to hold off on a decision to watch the market, we will make sure that you are kept up to speed on the current market situation and any new offers listed. And if you want to sell or just rent a property, our agents look forward to hearing from you.

So whether it’s a house, a townhouse, a villa, an apartment or a maisonette that has caught your eye, contact the local experts at Engel & Völkers for more detailed information.

To arrange a free and non-binding meeting with us, simply call us at +30 2111055000 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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