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Everything you need to know about renting out your house in the Netherlands

How do you know if the tenant is a reliable person?

Every tenant goes through the same thorough screening process:
- Google and social media check
- Financial check with the related bank and verification of the pay slips of minimum the last 3 months
- If applicable: business check at Chamber of Commerce and an audit opinion
- Screening by viewings
- If necessary we do additional research within our own network

How does the agency check the financial situation of the tenant?

We always check the financial situation of the tenant with the related bank. On top of that we take a look at the payslips of the last three months as well as the work contract.

How many sets of keys does a tenant get?

The tenant will receive at least two sets of keys.

What is the main difference between a fixed term contract or a contract of indefinite duration?

When renting out your house in the Netherlands, you have a choice of two types of contracts: a fixed term contract and a contract of indefinite duration.
1) A fixed term contract has a maximum rental period for two years. Throughout these two years the tenant has to give a one month’s notice period to the landlord if he wants to leave. (without having to give a reason). Please keep in mind that if the contract is extended after two years it automatically becomes an contract of indefinite duration by law.
2) A contract of indefinite duration has a minimum rental period and none of the parties can terminate the contract within this period of time. In this contract the tenant has rent protection.

What is the definition of upholstered/unfurnished and furnished?

1 ) If a property is unfurnished or upholstered it means that only things like the floor, curtains and lightning is installed.
2) A furnished property also includes furniture, a washing machine and/or dryer, a television, a bed(s), bedsheets and kitchen utensils.

Is it best to rent out your house in the Netherlands upholstered/unfurnished or furnished?

That depends mostly on the rental period. For a ‘shorter’ period of time, for example one year, it is advised to rent out a furnished apartment because most tenants (expats in particular) won’t bring all their furniture over for a year. For periods longer than a year both are good options. In general, you can ask a higher rental price is the apartment is furnished.

What is the purpose of the deposit?

The deposit is used as a sort of insurance for any potential damage at the end of the contract.

How is the deposit determined?

It is common to ask a deposit equivalent to twice the rental price. In certain cases and after agreeing with the owner and tenant, the owner can ask for a higher deposit, for example if the apartment/house is furnished.

How is the rent/deposit transferred?

After both parties signed the contract Engel & Völkers will collect the first month’s rent and deposit to make sure we can hand over the keys to the new tenant. We then transfer the money (minus the owner’s fee) to the owner. After that, the rent needs to be transferred directly to the owner by the tenant. We don’t offer any financial property management services.

What are the rules concerning pets?

Pets are not allowed unless there is a prior written approval from the landlord. The tenant is fully (also financially) responsible for any damage caused by their pet(s). The landlord can also decide to only allow certain pets in the property.

What are the rules concerning smoking?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in a rented apartment/house. The tenant is fully responsible for any damage caused by smoking inside the property.

What is the procedure when damage is caused during or after the contract ends?

Any damage caused by the tenant can be settled by using the deposit. The costs for severe damage like a leaking roof are to be paid by the landlord.

When renting out your house in the Netherlands, who is responsible for maintenance?

In general, the tenant is responsible for small maintenance and the owner for the major maintenance issues of the property. Repairs or replacement of built-in equipment and technical units are the responsibility of the owner.
Examples of small maintenance and repairs are: basic paintwork, fixing and screwing loose parts (door handles, sockets, replacing lamps, etc.) and preparatory work for paintwork such as filling, fixing holes or bumps and the sealing of small cracks.

Who is responsible for the property management during the rental period?

In most cases the owner of the apartment/house is also the property manager since Engel & Völkers does not offer any property management services. However, we are happy to introduce you to many professional property management companies.

How does a diplomatic clause work?

A diplomatic clause only applies to a contract of indefinite duration. It is mostly used by expats and in most cases asked for by the tenant. A diplomatic clause means that, after approval of the landlord, the tenant has the possibility to terminate the rental contract within the minimum rental period. With a contract of indefinite duration the minimum rental period for a year is normal, but if the tenant for example gets relocated for work he/she can terminate the contract by using a diplomatic clause.

What are the basic requirements for renting out your house in the Netherlands?

- One smoke alarm on each floor
- A fire extinguisher
- All stairs need to be safe

Is an energy label mandatory?

Yes every home owner is required to have an energy label. You can request your energy label online with your DigiD at www.energielabelvoorwoningen.nl.

What are the broker costs you need pay to the agency?

Engel & Völkers handles market-based prices meaning one month’s rent for mediation. You pay the commission once we have found a suitable tenant for your property.

What other costs do you have to keep in mind?

Engel & Völkers charges start-up costs for the subscription process to put the property online. These costs are approximately €400. Photography, measurements and costs for Funda and Pararius are calculated in this price.

What if you don’t feel comfortable with the potential new tenants?

In consultation with your agent you can always decide to call off the potential tenant even if he/she ticks all the boxes and is willing to pay the asking price. You can call off the deal any moment before the tenant has moved in.

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