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Who doesn't want to live near the coast and the beach? Zandvoort is a seaside town in the province of Noord-Holland and the beaches of both Zandvoort and Bloemendaal are easy to reach from all Kennemerland municipalities. Along the wide sandy beaches, you will find lots of trendy beach bars and clubs. Zandvoort is also where in May 2020, after 35 years, Formula 1 races will be held again. What else has Zandvoort to offer its residents and visitors? 

Tourism the main source of income

Zandvoort has approximately 17,000 residents and, with the dunes, its coastal location and the Formula 1 racing track, it mainly depends on the tourism industry. For centuries, the main source of income was fishing, but ever since the popularity of seaside resorts increased dramatically, tourism has fast become the main industry. The train station is just a stone's throw from the beach. The first station opened in 1881 and in 1882, Zandvoort could already be reached by an electric tram, which was the second in the world. The electric tram line connection with Haarlem that opened in 1899 boosted seaside tourism.

Seaside village for a diverse population

The village has an old centre with various shops. It has a weekly market on Wednesday and there are several primary schools and childcare centres. This is also why Zandvoort is popular with families with children. Apart from that, there is, of course, the lure of the dunes and the sea. There are a number of apartment buildings along the boulevard but the village also has large villas and family homes. Around 40 percent of the population are single households and the percentage of families with and without children is more or less the same. The average price for houses lies around €450,000.

Cultural activities and day trips

The surrounding area of this Noord-Holland seaside resort also offers loads of opportunities for recreation and outdoor pursuits. This can be walking and cycling in the Kennemerduinen National Park, or perhaps you prefer to go shopping in the historic and bustling city centre of Haarlem. Another popular activity is horse riding and there are two horse riding clubs with stables, Manege Rückert and Manege de Baarshoeve. Visitors who are not members can also rent horses for a trot along the beach.

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