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10 ideas to let summer come into your house

The approach of the summer months makes you want to let summer come into your house. If this is the case, know that you can prepare your home for the hottest days by resorting to the decor. Come discover 10 ideas to prepare the space of your home for the hot season.

Perhaps there is still a little bit to go on vacation and enjoy the wonders of summer. Although the beautiful Portuguese beaches, the best esplanades and the holiday delights of our gastronomy may have to wait a while, however, in your house Summer may come early.

Preparing the house for the warm months can be very simple. Sometimes small changes in the decoration of our home are enough to give it that light and summery aspect, which invites the new season to continue in the rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and gardens.

There are a number of ways to welcome summer into a home by applying little ideas that will make all the difference in the way you enjoy the space of your home.

If you want to let summer come into your house, do not forget to explore the 10 ideas we have prepared, especially thinking about you.

1. Adopt the summer colors

Colors are always a good way to adapt the house to the coming season. Clearer and pastel shades, including trend pantones like Millenial Pink or Neo Mint, can help give a more summery look to the rooms.

These shades of summer can be used in painting walls of your rooms or, if you prefer, in small details and / or decorative objects.

2. Create effects

In the universe of colors you can also take advantage of effects like the degradé promised by the famous ombre effect. This effect, which takes you from the darker tones to the faintest tones, can be used in textiles, paintings, walls or even paintings and carpets.

Nothing like betting on trend colors and following this line of shades to conquer the best effects of summer in your house.

3. Enjoy white

Still in the universe of colors there is a fundamental role in white tonality, when you want to invite the summer to enter the house.

White is a neutral, light and very fresh color that can be used in all rooms, with towels, bedclothes, curtains or on the walls.

It is a beautiful way to make the environment lighter and summerier.

4. Use baskets

Wicker baskets resemble the picnics in the field under the summer sun. At your home they can help give the room a light and fun feel, creating wonderful storage and organizing spaces with a summery twist.

5. Bet on the gardens and balconies

Summer invites you to take advantage of outdoor spaces. So if you have a terrace, a balcony or a garden, this is the time to bet on your decoration.

A new piece of furniture or new decorations can make a difference when making these exterior spaces receptive to summer days and nights.

6. Do not forget the plants

Try a garden or not, the truth is that the ideal touch to thank the arrival of the hot season are the plants. Enjoy this season to fill your home with this touch of green and life.

If you do not have the "green little finger", do not worry. Nowadays, thinking about people with less time (or way) for floral care, there are wonderful artificial choices that can make their times.

7. Make applications

Some applications such as macrame fabrics, fringes or tassels are fashionable and are ideal for giving a holiday touch to the home.

Enjoy to fill your home with little details that remind the summer with these unique and fun details.

8. Floral and animal patterns

Using patterns can be a good way to give your home a fresh look, preparing you for the hottest months.

Duvet covers or cushions, stickers and sofa cushions are good ways to ensure that your home gains a more summery and cozy look.

9. Inner sources

Water is an element that goes back to summer, so small decorative fountains can help you get the holiday touch you want.

In addition to making the space more beautiful, these sources transmit good vibes and can help cool the rooms.

By increasing the humidity of the house, these fountains are still strong allies in the maintenance of their indoor plants.

10. Use beach elements

Frames with shells, jars with sand or small pebbles can help bring Portuguese beaches to their rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Enjoy the wonders of the coast to be inspired by the decoration of the house and thus invite the summer pleasures of summer to enter through your door.

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