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Women and Real Estate

Our agency is increasingly being represented by female consultants, with no distinctions either in the functioning within the team or in its goals. Take, for example, our consultant Tinne Kenis, who was consultant of the year in 2019 and who, during the first 2 months of 2020, continues to be the team’s leading consultant.

As for the current job market, where the challenge of entrepreneurship is increasingly present, many women have chosen to create their small home-based businesses with the support of new technologies. We see lifestyle blogs written by women popping up everywhere, talking about a wide range of subjects intertwined with the sharing of daily experiences of households, kids and demanding jobs. Currently, the job market does not have professions exclusively for men or women, mentalities have fortunately changed and woman who used to marry, have children and were bound to domestic work nowadays divide their time between work and taking care of the family. Stay at home husbands are no miracle anymore and 21st century men don’t feel less men because their career wives are the main breadwinner of the pack. The flexibility of the job as a real estate agent is something women might be drawn to in the 21th century. Work from home and in the evenings is possible. 

Although women are in many aspects equal to men, historically they have been seen as ‘the weaker’ sex and not suited for cold, pragmatic and high figure deals associated with the real estate business.

But thankfully, the world is noticing changes in behaviors and mentalities and more and more women are working in this field as well as in all sectors of public activity, demonstrating that there is no sense in any kind of separation of tasks between the sexes.

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