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The perfect garden house

A square wooden cube with a roof - this is what many people imagine a garden house to look like. But modern garden houses are no longer just sheds. They have a well-thought-out architectural design. They have that certain something, a touch of sophistication. Such a garden house is like a small house. Although it is not suitable for permanent living, it still has enough comfort to spend pleasant hours, days or even weeks in.

- An elegant garden house significantly upgrades the garden. Smart extras such as adjoining terraces and add-on roofs increase the comfort.

Using time effectively

Many people dream of having their own garden house. Now is the perfect time to put long-cherished plans into action. Especially in the corona summer only a limited number of leisure activities are available. Visiting an amusement park or beer garden with a mask is only half as much fun and even holiday planning is uncertain. Having your own garden house significantly increases your quality of life and allows you to enjoy private comfort far away from the hustle and bustle. Now there is enough time to choose a suitable location and ensure a stable foundation. Talented DIY’s can build their own little house. Otherwise, there are many sophisticated models you can buy. The highlight would of course be an additional pool or swimming pond. Once the cottage is standing, you can also realise many other ideas, creating an attractive overall ensemble.

Rustic and modern - the latest trends!

In terms of appearance, the individual models sometimes differ considerably. If you prefer a rustic country look, choose a traditional block construction garden house or an alpine style with flower boxes and rustic shutters.

Modern garden houses convince with simple elegance. They are very functional and offer a well-thought-out room layout. Slightly slanted flat roofs are typical for the modern garden house. Some modern versions, too, are made of block planks. These exclusive garden houses often have an enclosed space and an open area that is completely roofed. All that is still needed is some lounge furniture. Alternatively, there are garden houses with a terrace in front. Swimming ponds adjacent to the terrace are currently very much in trend. Wood currently plays an important role both in the construction of the building and the terrace.

Garden house with many extras

The design of the garden house is primarily based on the individual requirements of its user. This applies above all to the size and room layout. Modern party houses have a smaller, enclosed room and a spacious area for partying. The entire front can be opened by means of a double wing door. This ensures an open-air, yet sheltered party feeling. Large glass fronts offer a high degree of comfort in cool weather, whilst still allowing a view of the beautiful garden landscape. If required, add-on roofs extend the area.

Pentagonal garden houses are an extraordinary eye-catcher. Here too, it is often possible to open the sides so that the cottage is transformed into a luxurious pavilion. Exclusive designer garden houses for the luxury market consist almost exclusively of glass. Putting such a transparent house in the garden of course requires a certain tendency to extravagance. With the necessary budget, a penthouse-style garden pavilion with swimming pool can also be realised. Romantics often opt for a garden lounge. Atmospheric lighting is an absolute must here. Coloured floor lamps create the right ambience. An ensemble of ponds, watercourses and fountains looks even more spectacular. Here too, underwater lights provide magical moments.

Another trend is emerging. Tree or stilt houses carry the garden owner off into airy realms. From up there the house owner enjoys a fantastic view of his garden. Such a luxury tree house is not only something for children, but also for the adventurers among us.

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