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8 ways to brighten your home

When you are giving your home a makeover, it is not just the decor that you should pay attention to.Installing lights in the house implies that you are thinking of a number of factors: from the type of lighting to its material and the very colour of it, there are several important issues to take into consideration.Today, we will give you 8 tips to brighten your home to achieve your dream setting, while making the most of all your rooms.

1. Watch the colour of light bulbs
The rooms in your house do not all have the same purpose and use. For this reason, the chosen lights should not all be the same.
Think of dividing up each room by always considering the activities carried out in them. For example, rooms, in general, are places where an atmosphere that promotes rest and cosiness is desired, so use softer light bulbs in warmer tones like yellow. The bathroom, the office and the kitchen, are rooms where you need to pay attention to detail so opt for a more stimulating bulb colour like cold blue.

2. Do not overlook the central lights
Normally, all homes have ceiling lamps in the centre of the room. There is a reason for them being there! Although you can use other lights along with this, the truth is that the central light is the one that gives the most brightness in the room.
If you want to accentuate their brightness, you can opt for lighter shades of paint on the walls and ceiling.

- 12936782_10153780398044442_1540875039635681333_n.jpg

3. Beware of the lampshade
Choosing the perfect lighting will not be any good if you cover it with a lamp that is too opaque.
Adapt the lamp to the decoration of the room but always take care to ensure that the shadows created by it do not overlap the decoration of the room nor prevent the correct illumination of it.

4. Opt for indirect lights
Whether you want to rest in the bedroom or use it as a living room to watch TV, the indirect light should be placed near the ceiling or on the floor or even on the sides of the furniture. This allows for a soft and diffused illumination between the light and shadows.
Indirect light is the type of lighting recommended for those who want to create a relaxing environment or a romantic atmosphere.

5. Enhance your art collections
If you take pride in your collection of books or paintings, you should use LED lights as the best option.

- pexels-photo-271795.jpeg

6. Avoid lights that are too sharp
Everyone likes a well-lit room ... but that does not mean they need to use too much light. In fact, highly intense lighting tend to overshadow the room and create a feeling of discomfort that should be avoided.
Care must be taken mainly in rooms containing many mirrors, since they reflect the light and make it even more uncomfortable.

7. Customise all the details
When choosing that lamp you love, keep in mind the various aspects of the room by answering a few simple questions. Is this lamp the right size? Keep in mind that a small room will lose its space with a lamp that's too large, in the same way that a large room will look "bare" with a small lamp.

8. Put a little personal touch to the lighting
We all have "our own light" and this manifests itself in our personality. Do not forget to put some of yourself into choosing the right lighting. You will definitely feel more "at home" this way.

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