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Lisbon: Home of Fado

Lisbon is a city to visit and to live in. To dream and to invest in. More than a heart-warming language sung in the tone of fado (traditional folk music), Lisbon is a cosmopolitan centre full of life and opportunities, a bit of everything in all areas of life.

On the streets of Lisbon, there is a sense of intercultural theme that creates a very personal appeal to people from all over the world. Its hectic life, in a vibrant metropolis that rarely gets tired and never sleeps, allows everyone to find within their borders what they are looking for in their travels or in their lives.

In Portugal, Lisbon undoubtedly assumes the role of an international city, being an important artistic, cultural and tourist centre; but it's also an important venue for the world of economics, finance and the commercial sector. Its prominence in the rankings of international tourism, quality of life and safety make Lisbon a very unique and acclaimed city that attracts the attention of all those who wish to find the best place to visit, live or invest in.

In addition, economically stable and being the richest region of Portugal, this populous city allows the exploration of the most diverse activities and the development of the most distinguished professions, thus standing out from other European cities of the same dimension.

With a touch of luxury and modernity, Lisbon still brings much of its past and tradition to the present, accentuating its uniqueness through fado, considered by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity; and a heritage that highlights such beautiful buildings as the Free Waters Aqueduct, the Graça Elevator, the National Pantheon, the Basilica of Estrela, the Jerónimos Monastery or the Castle of St. George. These stone memories tower Lisbon and become the ideal setting for those who wish to stay in the Portuguese capital. In addition to the stone, greenery also has an essential place in promoting well-being in this locality, highlighting places such as the Botanical Garden, the Cold Estuary and the Jardim da Estrela and also the thematic spaces of the Zoo, the Basque Aquarium Range and the Oceanarium.

With a strong religious tradition, this city invites visitors to explore some of the most beautiful temples in the region, such as the Basilica da Estrela, the Jerónimos Monastery, the Church of Memória and the Chapel of Restelo, in the Hermitage of São Jerónimo.

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The range of activities offered by this region is also endless and there is the most diverse range of sports and arts in many renowned venues; the research on studies in the multiple educational institutions, among which are international schools and colleges, bilingual and also a large number of universities and higher education institutions; or entering the labour market in the most diverse areas of life.

In terms of leisure, commercial options are part of the city's infrastructure, as well as numerous art and music festivals and acclaimed football matches, to cheer the local teams, among which two of the largest in the country stand out: SL Benfica and the Sporting CP. In addition, the heady nightlife draws residents and tourists to the fado houses and bars of Bairro Alto, while gastronomy continues to elevate the restaurants that honour the Portuguese traditions, serving with hospitality and generosity. Authentic Dishes as acclaimed as cod and the Pastéis de Belém; all washed down with the best internationally recognised wines of the region.

Being a diverse city, where all the infrastructure necessary to meet the most practical needs of each visitor is never lacking, this metropolis presents itself as a rich place where investment brings great returns. Its quality of life, as well as the link between the city and the cost of living, highlight Lisbon as one of the best cities to live and invest in, putting it at the forefront, even in relation to other capital cities in European countries. Thus, choosing the Lusitanian capital is, in essence, accepting the challenge of living in a fado house, while taking advantage of the whole category of a metropolis that, year after year, is acclaimed and developed, in the sense of maintaining the leadership in international rankings in various business areas.

To find the ideal home for you in this city, you can count on the expertise of the real estate agency, Engel & Völkers by visiting its offices in Parque das Nações or Restelo. Its vast experience in the industry and knowledge of Lisbon will help you search for the best opportunities in this metropolis that has one foot in fado and another in the future.

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