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Lisbon: the (unknown) city of cities

If Lisbon is guilty of a sin, it is undoubtedly because of the luxuriant richness that inhabits it. Being a must-see destination for travel lovers, this city welcomes visitors from around the world and even international celebrities like Madonna have allowed themselves to surrender to its charms by seeking shelter in the embrace of the city's sunny and atlantic rays.

A sparkling city 
Being a cosmopolitan city, Lisbon is full of tall buildings ... but it has never lost its sparkle. With a climate that boasts splendid sunny days, the Latin soul of this city has always been - and remains - golden.

An ongoing relationship with tradition
Lisbon is synonymous with progress. It is not difficult to find important (and even extraordinary) infrastructures in this city. Shopping malls, cinemas, museums, art centres, exquisite restaurants and elitist fashion houses populate the streets; always with the underground or other transportation services. Add to this the calmness and safety appeal of the city, it has helped Portugal top the chart as one of the safest countries in the world.

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An appeal to the palate
The 1001 cod dishes made Lisbon the gastronomic capital ... but let us not be fooled by the popularity of these dishes. There is more to Lisbon than its brás cod, with cream or lagareiro ...The flavours of Lisbon go beyond just the shellfish, the Bulhão Pato clams; Portuguese stew; the green broth and many other delicacies.

There is a lot more to Lisbon
On the outskirts of Lisbon, there is "more Lisbon" to discover. What we are referring to is the city's bordering region called "Greater Lisbon", where it is open to the rest of the world. Sintra, Serra da Arrábida, Cascais Marina, and Comporta are highly valued destinations and worth visiting.

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An unexpected hospitality
The seriousness of the Portuguese is overcome by the sympathetic and caring attitude they always have in their hospitable way of welcoming visitors. Alfacinhas, a name given to Lisbon's locals, are well known for their desire to please. They present themselves as unexpectedly hospitable hosts.As we take these facts into consideration, one is always expected to make thoughtful gestures and make an effort to learn about different languages ​​and cultures.

Lisbon presents itself as the city of cities ... but, as few know, it is still a rough-cut diamond that's waiting for new visitors and residents. Whoever chooses this city is chosen by the city. And only those who are familiar with this city know that there is magic in the rays of light that kiss the Portuguese capital.

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