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Portugal's best beaches

Situated in the western corner of Europe, Portugal has an enviable stretch of coastline, where the Atlantic Ocean's kiss never fails to impress. From north to south, there are many kilometres of white and clear sand, kissed by the sun of the mild and Mediterranean climate.
On these enviable beaches, the summer pleasures join the beauty of thousands of cliffs and rocky slopes among the dunes and vegetation. Alongside these breathtaking landscapes, the Lusitanian traditions arise and are linked to the sea, fishing and hospitality.
On the Portuguese coast, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is born to experience comfort and leisure. In order for you to enjoy the best of the best, we will visit 5 unforgettable beaches in Portugal.

1. Osso da Baleia  
Osso da Baleia Beach is in the centre of the country, near Pombal. It is perhaps not one of the best known in the country, but it has a surrounding area that invites everyone to visit such a privileged location, where you can still enjoy a quiet and peaceful stay.
Here you will find an expanse of fine, yellow sand, where the icy waters of the Atlantic have over the years formed dunes painted with coral reefs, along which you can take long walks. There are also cafés and restaurants nearby, which serve the region's best delicacies.

- 1280px-Praia_da_Rocha,_Portimão_2.jpg

    Photo: Praia da Rocha, Portimão

    2. Praia da Rocha
    We go from a little known beach to one of the most famous and tourist sites in our country. Praia da Rocha is famous ... and it deserves to be! Located in the Algarve, in Portimão, this beach has a kilometre of sandy stretch, bathed by the limpid waters of the ocean where the water is warmest.
    Being in the heart of the Algarve, this beach will invite you to enjoy many days of sunshine and warmth, extending the invitation for a dip in the warm waters or resting for hours on the local esplanades. Next to this beach you can still enjoy the best of the Algarve nightlife.

    3. Almograve Beach
    We leave the Algarve to introduce you to one of the beaches in the Odemira region. Located in the Alentejo, Almograve Beach is composed of two parts, being able to choose the side where the beautiful cliffs are imposed or the one where the dunes and the sand are extended. Although the natural beauty of this beach is enough to make the visit a must, the truth is that, as far as amenities are concerned, this is one of the best. Here you can enjoy resorts, restaurants and bars.

- newego_LARGE_t_901_107636710 (1).JPG

    Photo: Praia dos Galapos, Setúbal ©

    4. Galapos Beach
    Closer to the Portuguese capital, more specifically in Setúbal, in the green arms of Serra da Arrábida, you will find Galapos Beach. Born in the tellurian bosom of green vegetation, this beach has white, fine sand and a clear ocean kiss.
    This beach will be perfect for nature lovers and for those who wish to take a dive under the sea.

    5. Beach of Samoqueira
    Finally, we will present you one of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches. On the bottom of the steps and far from having the infrastructures of the rest of the mentioned beaches, you will find a small beach, surrounded by cliffs and vegetation, where visitors are invited to live the dream of being embraced by nature. Here you can count on white sand and the tepid kiss of the sea, and still have a beautiful geological structure where a natural cave has formed. When the tide is low, it connects to another small beach that disappears completely with the tidal rise of the sea.

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