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Sintra: the place where magic lives

Sintra has been considered as the most romantic town in the world and those who visit it, understand why. Located in the Greater Lisbon region, Sintra emerges as a green and mysterious heart that exudes emotions and imbibes the spirit of those who pass it by.
In this town you will find more than just the natural beauty of its forrest terrain. This is a place where heritage and gastronomy are also present, ensuring that all those who get to know this resort town will yearn to return.
From its history, it carries past magic stories that are transfigured into present mystical sensations and a surviving pagan and ancestral legacy. For its intrinsic characteristics, guided by the wonderful architecture, the greenery and the stories with which it is painted, visiting Sintra is to enter a universe that mixes reality and fantasy in a single place.


Photo: Quinta da Regaleira

1. Enjoy Romanticism
Speaking of what there is to do in Sintra is undoubtedly talking about romance. The most romantic town in the world will invite you to ride a horse-drawn carriage and be delighted by the wonderful views.
If you wish, go out to the local shops, which are the vibrance of the city centre and enjoy visiting the iconic restaurants in the region.
In this area, you will be invited to get to know more about the cultural heritage of Sintra. Do not forget to visit the Sintra National Palace, the Mouros Castle and the Pena Palace, or spend an afternoon exploring the magical recesses of Quinta da Regaleira.
If the greenery that has painted the scenery in all these spaces is not enough for you, take advantage of exploring Monserrate Park, Pena Park, and the Blue Lagoon.

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Photo: Lagoa Azul © O melhor blog do mundo

2. An enduring pleasure
To take a break from your busy schedule, there is nothing better than visiting this wonderful town and enjoying its nighttime pleasures. Although it's a quiet tourist resort town, Sintra surprises visitors by offering a varied nightlife where you will find a variety of clubs.
Places where music invites you to dance, cultural establishments, and quieter venues will be at your disposal. In many of these places, decor and drinks will help you get into the mystical spirit of the town. And no place does this better than Casa do Fauno, a medieval pub that promises to bring much of the Celtic tradition by serving drinks in mead cups as well as a hint of live music.

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Photo: Leitão de Negrais

3. Flavours of Sintra
Sintra is seen, smelled, and sampled. You will fall in love with Sintra. But in order to love it totally, you must taste the traditional cuisines that it offers.
When you come to this romantic town, do not forget to enjoy delicacies such as roasted veal, a carne de porco à Mercês or the Leitão de Negrais. Moreover, with the sea just a few kilometres away, many tasty fish and seafood dishes are part of the menu. 
Although these delicacies are unmissable in a place so dedicated to love, the kings of the table are the sweets. The famous Queijo da Sapa, the Sintra Travesseiros, the Pastéis da Pena and the Nozes of Galamares all originate from Sintra. By sampling these dishes, you will have a deeper experience of the town and the sweetness of its tradition that is evident on the stone walls.

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