Christmas? Let the countdown begin!

In Christmas, not everything has to be original. Don’t let anyone touches our grandmother’s French toast recipe, don’t let anyone takes our turkey or cod, let the clock always sing the twelve longed chimes, let the house smells like cinnamon and lemon, let the younger cousin cheat us playing cards. May it never fail to identify because while you are inherent in these prerogatives, it’s him. It’s Christmas.

The decoration moment lends wings to our thriving creativity in this time of the year. The best season. Turn your place cozier, be unique in the ornaments, and try to set a less conventional Christmas tree, wrap your own gifts and spread the holiday season spirit in every room of your house. Have fun doing it and read, of course, our suggestions. We have images that even the greatest Grinch would resist.

Create atmosphere with candles

E&V - Velas de natal

Christmas is, for many reasons and in many ways, a time of light. Specially an inner light. However, let us not forget to spread it through the house. Let us use candles. Here and there as well. For coziness, for the warmth they lend to the atmosphere and, if it’s the case, for that cinnamon sense, that pine leaf or red fruit. Because every senses matter’s. You can place the candles in candlesticks, in lamps, can leave them in their original holders, you can make beautiful arrangements to decorate your home or in the Christmas Eve table centre or for the family lunch. Candles are possibly the simplest way to decorate our home for the holidays. Don’t forget them.

Tree? What Tree? Be different!

E&V - 2.jpg

A rough wooden staircase as a Christmas tree. And why not? The design is slightly triangular and, moreover, it’s an original way to set the tree even because the real ones, by an environmental issue, are less used and the youngest look for alternatives. On the image, the ladder is decorated with ornaments used in a traditional Christmas tree. The sophisticated colour palette ranges from white and gray. There is also a garland of lights wrapped around the ladder arms. A very unique suggestion that may be used throughout the year. Just remove the decorations - the lights can even stay - and use it to hang towels in the bathroom or coats in the lobby, for example.

A festive table

E&V - Uma mesa festiva

The Christmas table. We could not write this article without including the famous Christmas dinner table. Before snacks starts coming, its necessary a perfect decoration. At Christmas, families exceed themselves, put aside the vulgar dinner service and place that special china for the evening also so special. There are more simple centrepieces, others more pompous. You can use candles, natural materials such as pinecones or branches or buy a table runner that gives you more life and singularity. Do not forget the chairs. They are also an important piece in the final result and a simple bond can make a difference. In the picture table, it was decided to use only white. A smart solution once it’s used many decorative elements that easily weight if they were in more vibrant hues.

Christmas where a Man wants

E&V - Christmas bed

Christmas is when and where a man wants. In what concerns to decoration, the Christmas tradition does not necessarily has to be reduced to that room corner. If Christmas inebriates you, embrace the spirit and spread it into each corner of the house. Okay, you don’t need to take the Christmas tree into each division, but place a symbolic piece like a Christmas light, some candles, a booties or a pine cones decoration. These are some suggestions, but your imagination is the limit! Who would not love to sleep in this bed crowned by a star has Jesus lying in the straw?

31, 30, 29, 28… 1!

E&V - Calendar advent

Christmas is for children, some say. It is undoubtedly a particularly exciting season for the little ones and it is important for us to make this season as magic as possible for them. The Advent Calendar, filled with restlessness and expectation, is always a good idea. Its origin goes back to the German Lutherans who did the countdown to Christmas Eve. In those times, the counting was done with a chalk risk of the door. One risk per day since the beginning of December. There was, however, families who had more original ideas like hanging a holy picture on the wall for each day or lighting a new candle. But it was only in 1851 that the first advent calendar was made. In this time of the year, you will find these calendars in several commercial establishments. Each day is a window containing a chocolate. However, you can also make your own schedule at home that suits you better!

The comfort of a fireplace

E&V - Fireplace

You cannot say you're ready for Christmas if you haven’t decorated your Christmas fireplace. Santa Claus is already accustomed to look for boots and it’s not wise to mislead the elderly. There are different approaches to do this. You can compose a sharing nook with a couch, chairs, puffs or spread pillows here and there without forgetting the blankets and the willingness to share stories within the background sound of crackling firewood. Choose a theme or a colour to guide your decor. It’s much easier if you have a starting point. Then choose the ornaments. And you won’t have a lack of options. Have crowns, have garlands, candles of all sizes, mirrors and frames with Christmas illustrations, light bands, boots, stars or more sculptural crib. All depends on the size of your fireplace and the number of times you use it - beware of flammable materials - and of course, your creativity.

Modernize your decorations

E&V - Modernizar as decorações de natal

Maybe it's time to get rid of those decorations you have at home since the 1990 Christmas and renew all "artillery" Holiday. Although it is a party linked to traditions, doesn’t mean that the ornaments cannot be modernized because it's much more fun being different each year. Of course you don’t need to buy all again every year, but add new details and enjoy the best of what the stores have to offer every year to create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your family.

A more traditional Christmas tree

E&V - Traditional Christmas tree

Because there is no Christmas without a Christmas tree whether the format is. Or colour. In the image, we leave you a more traditional proposal, although the Christmas tree appears covered in white as if it were snow. A different detail that makes us feel more the Christmas spirit. These Christmas trees complement harmoniously a lighter and minimalist decor and any ornament stands out on this colour. And speaking of tree let laziness aside this year and wrap up yourself the gifts. It’s so much more personal and creative if you do. And Christmas is just that: we put a little more of us in everything.

We hope that this article will have left with the Christmas spirit at the height! 


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