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10 Tips to Save Water

The need to save water has always been of utmost importance. Due to the drought that was experienced in 2017, this need has become even more pertinent in Portugal.Saving water is possible by making some small changes everyday and, when done successfully, it can greatly help the environment as well as reduce utility cost and save families money.

Knowing the importance of reducing water costs, we will now look at some of the main tips that you can use in your day-to-day life if you want to save water;

1. Consider taking a quick shower instead of a bath. During your shower, you can still turn off the water while your conditioner is in your hair or when you are applying shower gel on your body.

2. Whilst you are waiting for the water to get hot, save the cold water that first comes out of the tap. This water can be used for cleaning or flushing the toilet

3. If you have a dripping water tap, change it immediately. A dripping tap will not only increase your water bill, but it will also waste a lot more water than you think.

4. Review your home's water bill carefully to see if there is any discrepancy between how much water you actually use and what the metre is showing. High readings ​​may indicate possible sewerage problems that make it waste more water than expected.

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5. Saving water can start from choosing the right toilet. In order to save water, it is more feasible to choose the dual flush cisterns, which allow you to do a full or half flush. This will meet your needs without wasting more water than necessary.

6. When taking care of your daily hygiene - such as brushing your teeth or trimming your beard - make sure you do not keep the water flowing constantly. Turning off the tap will substantially reduce the amount of wasted water.

7. Avoid prewash cycles for clothes and dishwashers. These consume a large amount of water and do not give better results.

8. Do not turn on the washing machine and the dishwasher until they are completely full. The fewer wash cycles you have, the lower your water expense.

9. Save rainwater by placing buckets and other containers outdoors. In this way you can reserve water and use it later to water your plants or flush your toilet.

10. When possible, opt to sweep your patio or balcony instead of mopping. This will save water and still keep these outdoor spaces clean.

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