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5 Tips to maximise your home's space without doing any major renovations

Maximising the home's space without doing any major works is the dream of many people. Still, when we get used to seeing the usual layout of our furnishings and decorations around us, we do not realise the potential that a space can have or the ways in which it can respond to our needs.Today, we will give you some suggestions so you can expand the space of your home without having to do any expensive works.

1. Choose the colours carefully
In a house, there are colours that are consensually appreciated. This does not mean, however, that they suit every room. Tones such as dark blue, black or red may be to your liking ... even so, when applied to the walls or furniture of the house, these colours tend to darken the room by closing in on it.On the other hand, light tones such as pastels, white or beige can make the rooms appear wider.Decorative objects - such as cushions, curtains or lamps - can then be painted, which will help give a personal and distinct touch to the room.

2. Be organised
The disarray or disorganisation of a room tends to make it look smaller than it actually is.
If you maintain an adequate system of organisation and arrangement, you will find that these rooms will appear much larger without much effort. 

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3. Use mirrors
Mirrors can be a good help in creating the illusion of larger and wider spaces. Its placement on the walls, instead of photo frames, can help make the room appear larger through reflections.

4. Choose functional furniture
When choosing furniture for your home, consider the space and the best way to make it as practical as possible.In a small room, for example, the use of a bed with drawers could avoid the need for a chest of drawers.Similarly, in a kitchen, you can opt for a folding table next to the wall.In this way, you can enjoy the usefulness of these pieces of furniture without giving up wide and free spaces.

5. Choose lighting
A good lighting will be the best way to achieve the spaciousness you want for your home. Avoid covering the windows excessively and opt for light curtains that allow natural light to enter the room.With regard to artificial lighting, ensure that it is suitable for each of the rooms by illuminating them completely in the most suitable colours.

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