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Building Tomorrow, Step by Step

Engineering is, by its definition: analyzing user needs, designing, testing, deploying and satisfying needs of those users.

When you think about it, engineers have to wear the hats of the users they are serving, understand their needs, act as an architect to provide the most comfortable solution and in the end provide a concrete solution that will not go under with a simple blow.

Software development serves to needs to its users, where there is a specific problem, there is a specific solution in software development. We act like architects, take care of infrastructure, think about best patterns to use and so on. Our end result is not something really visible. It can be seen, it can be used, on the other hand, it can't be felt or touched. It virtually exists and that's it. So it is a bit out of human senses to grasp the complexity behind it. Having said that, the beauty of software development lies here; providing solutions to complex problems in a clean and very-easy-to-use way. What does it mean? It means software that just consists of a few buttons can be solving very hard problems. With a single click of a button, lots can change and can have a huge impact on the daily lives of users. This is, what we are doing. Having an impact on the lives of our users.

How do we work?

Work is a boring word. Let's admit it. In order to keep doing something boring, you need to be enjoying what you are doing. Then it is no longer boring. Do we enjoy our work? Hell, yeah!

The question is, how we are doing it. The way we work, the way we collaborate, the way we think and understand our users. All combined is a showcase of our engineering culture. We work to serve our customers, our demanding customers who want solid solutions. We work to improve, we strive to have an impact and stay competitive. At the same time, we have fun. Work should not be something where you just keep doing routines, same stuff every day. It should help us learn, it should make us feel valued and useful. At E&V Technology, each individual is important. We value everybody's opinions, we care about each other's ideas. We encourage each team to find what best works for them. Try and fail, again and again. Learn on the way, share the knowledge. We know how it feels to fail. Oh, the horror. Especially when you are blamed for failing. We don't play that game here. We believe, fails are the final step on the road to success. Failures mean that we learn. We fail fast and learn fast. At the end of the day, we believe in the capabilities of our engineers. When you feel valued and well taken care of, work becomes more like a hobby and you enjoy what you are doing every single day.

Why do we work?

The world around us keeps changing, thus our software has to be changing as well. It needs to be modularized, it has to be adaptive. Change by itself is a big word, scary to some and hard. Yet, it is necessary. Especially when your goal is to be disruptive. We want to build the brokerage of tomorrow. Not just we want it, we are building it already. Facing new challenges each day, new obstacles to overcome here and then. This is why we work at E&V Technology. This is what makes our work fun. We are touching an area where nobody touched before. We are working on something that seemed either impossible or unimportant to others. We see the challenge. It is not an easy task to build something that has not been built before. You need to have a strong vision and ambitious people to follow that vision. Luckily, we have both.

Our Goals

,,The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder''

No matter how great your team is or how many bright people in your team is, they will eventually fail without a purpose. Great minds want to be part of a goal, an idea. An idea starts with a dream, a dream of possibilities. Then becomes a vision, imagination of the future with the wisdom you, your team, people around you possess. Our goal is easy to write here: "building the brokerage of tomorrow". But it is not just that. Our end goal will touch more than one area. It will disrupt the way how the brokerage works, our goal is to transform an old business and give it a new body, a new meaning. We are not there yet, but the land is on the horizon. 

With so many unknowns, things to consider, every day is a new story. There won't be a day without hassles. But, hey, if it were to be easy, everybody could have done what we are aiming to do. These are the challenges you face if you build something new, something nobody dared to build and we dare.

If you also want to have your impact on tomorrow and join our magnificent team, drop us a note.

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