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Dear Diary ... A typical working day of a Service Desk agent at Engel & Völkers Technology

8:45 am

On the urban city line U4 it's normally rather crowded at this time and the line is shared by students and E&V employees. Most of the tourists are still sleeping. When it gets warmer I'm planning on going by bike, to get an early morning warm-up and then a refreshing shower - that will wake me up! I listen to the students: frustrated with their exams, planning trips and being excited about the first career steps. I have the feeling that I've found my "dream job" already and now I arrive at "Überseequartier", time to get off! 

8:55 am

Once I get to the top of the long escalator, I can see our new headquarter: stylish and modern it perfectly fits into the Hafencity. Planned and polished - does it fit to Hamburg? Yes, perfectly! As well as "Elphi", that's how the locals call the brand new Philharmony, blinking with its rooftops nearby.

8:57 am

Before hurrying upstairs, I quickly grab a large coffee and some fruits in the lobby.

Through the walls of glass to the conference area on floor 1, I notice that some colleagues already joined a meeting or a workshop. The second floor entirely belongs to E&V Technology. A lot of new hires joined the group within the last year and finally we now have our own development teams. In total we're round about 80 girls and guys from all over the world. All with their own experiences and background, having found their way to Hamburg, following their passion for innovative technologies. We're improving continuously!

In our open space office, teams often use to sit together. Nevertheless, I like having a new desk neighbour from time to time - that way you never stop learning new things. The Service Desk is located in a bright big room with a view either facing the river Elbe or the Elphi. Today I choose the river side and set up my desk.

9 am

Most colleagues are at work already, usually the morning shift in Service Desk are the first to arrive. Vivid and topic changing discussions are filling the room. Some are about the actual and recent customer requests, others about the after-work event last night.

10 am:

"Engel & Völkers Technology, Good Morning, my name is XX, how can I help you today?" is the standard opening phrase on the phone. In between, the phone agents are sharing their experience on a certain request. Although every phone or email incident is unique, it feels familiar. Processes are well defined and most issues can be solved in a short time. Our customers are the 11.000 Engel & Völkers employees and freelancers worldwide, in 33 countries on 4 continents. It never gets boring!

11 am

The new HQ employee is asking for the hardware prepared in advance by our office management team. One of the team members takes the time for the handover. A personal talk can never be replaced!

12 am: 

Some are already preparing for lunch, logging off the queue. "Who wants to join me for Unilever cantine?" or "Today waffles at MAD - I am heading for the atrium!", "Ok, I will join you".

01 pm:

The latest owner app feature will be released today. One of the product specialists is giving a heads up on the new functionalities. He knows best how to train us as some months ago he was still a part of our team and now made his way into the product team. The FAQ is written and all stakeholders are getting informed via hangout chat. All our smart products should get the best support! 

3 pm:

Saying happy birthday and hugging the anniversary right before tasting some Brazilian specialty. Yummy- what is it? I should also bake those Russian pancakes again one day...they are usually much appreciated!

4 pm:

It is getting quieter now at the Service Desk and the early bird workers are off already. I have to leave now, too. Must not forget to inform my team lead that I will be doing home office tomorrow since my little girl needs to go to the Doctor's for half an hour. I am very happy that we have the possibility of flexible working hours at least from time to time.

5 pm:

It is getting warmer outside these days and so I head for Landungsbrücken station today, crossing the famous historical warehouses of the "Speicherstadt". Tourists and school groups are passing my way, taking pictures and reading their guidebooks. I'm taking a picture as well and suddenly I feel as if I was on holiday! 

A commercial slogan comes into my mind...: "A place to work, where other people spend their holidays"..... And I feel good!

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