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DIY home improvement: things to know before you start

It is true when they say a house does not need to be a new build in order for one to appreciate its worth. Sometimes a simple remodelling job can bring great changes and vastly improve the residents' quality of life.

Turning a home into a dream place is within the reach of most people and refurbishing a home is something that will help ensure not only a better quality of life for you but also a greater comfort and higher return if you wish to sell your home.

With so many advantages, remodelling tasks are likely to become part of your goals and if so, it is more than knowing what changes to make as you will need to take into account some aspects of the process so that everything goes smoothly. You will need to work within your stipulated budget in order to obtain the results you most want.

Thinking for a few seconds about the possible home improvements, it is natural for you to immediately realise that there are aspects to be considered. Thus, some general questions should be asked: What are the necessary works to be done on the property? What is my budget for these remodelling tasks? What is the average time for this type of work? What will be the effective implications of this remodelling task?

The answers depend on the type of work your home needs, that is why it pays to look at what can be expected from certain types of home improvement tasks.

One of the most common reasons among residents is to give the house a new lease of life by painting it. Before moving on to interior painting of a home, there are some aspects to take into account, since the materials needed, the time invested and the amount of money to be spent are directly related to these factors. To start, you will need to analyse and measure the area to be painted and make a list of the required materials. In addition to paints and rollers, you will need to consider the need to purchase skirting boards and flooring as well as doors and windows. In order for the paint to have the desired effect, it will also be important to ensure all holes or cracks are covered with putty before sanding them.

The ceilings should, if you wish to paint them, be painted before the walls. Although time and budget vary depending on the area to be painted, you should allow around 3 days for painting a 100-square-metre house.

In addition to painting the house, you should think about installing new flooring in order to enhance the value of your home. In this case, it will be necessary to think about the type of flooring to be installed and the rooms that require new flooring. Cleaning and leveling the area before installing the flooring is also important. In a room with about 30 square metres it is expected that this work will take about a day to complete.

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If the room that most concerns you is the bathroom and you wish to change the toilet as part of your home's remodelling project, it is necessary to take some aspects into consideration. In the case of toilets, it is very important to ensure that you know the location of water pipes and sewage pipes before carrying out the work. The replacement of the toilets will be dependent on these characteristics of the house and your choice will also depend on these aspects. It is expected that this type of work will also take a day to be accomplished.

The installation of plastered ceilings can greatly enhance your home. Before moving on to this work, however, it is important to look at what forms of lighting you want to use (recessed lighting is popular), the area of ​​application, and the characteristics of the room (for a shower room, for example). The deadline for this type of work is variable but, on average, it usually takes 5 days for a house of 100 square metres.

Finally, another common home improvement task that will increase its value is the replacement of windows. This remodelling job generally guarantees a better insulation of the property, but before proceeding, it is necessary to take the exact measurements. Once the windows and doors are prepared by the manufacturer, their frames and other components will be easy to install. However, it is best to hire a qualified technician to take the measurements and carry out the installation task.

Keeping in mind this type of remodelling task for your home takes time to complete, you will need to set aside a budget. Once you have completed your home improvement, you will not only give it a new lease of life and enhance its value, but you will also enjoy living in a more comfortable home.

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