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How to keep the house warm during the coldest months of the year

Portugal is a country with a temperate climate. Still, when the coldest months of the year arrive, the temperature drop is felt on the skin ... as well as in homes.
During winter, people's overall desire is to achieve a pleasant temperature inside the house, so that it becomes a warm and cosy place.
Making this warm-house-dream come true even during the colder months is not impossible and can start with some relatively easy changes. To do this, you just need to be aware of some timeless secrets that continue to be excellent substitutes (or additions) for heaters today.

In this article, we tell you some of these secrets:

1. Open the door and let the sun in
Cold air makes itself felt but at the same time we are in a country where there are plenty of sunny days. When the sun is shining, using it to warm up the house will be the best idea.
"Opening the door to the sun" not so literally... but you can invite it in through the windows, open the shutters and curtains to let the rooms get flooded with its warmth.
Do not forget to close everything as soon as the sun goes down.

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2. Close the doors
The rooms in a house tend to stay warm for longer when the doors are closed.
If your desire is to keep the house warm, introduce the habit of closing doors upon entering the room to see how this small change will make a difference in the temperature of your room.

3. Invest in insulation
A poorly insulated house will always be colder. For this reason, it will be worth investing in the insulation of doors and windows.
Without letting in the cold air from the outside, insulation will better seal the rooms and contribute to a more cosy and warm environment.

4. Choose textiles
Fabric sofas, curtains, cushions and blankets can all be introduced in rooms to achieve a greater sense of comfort and a more pleasant temperature.
Likewise, placing wallpaper on the partition walls can be a great help in keeping your home at a more pleasant temperature.

5. Turn ON the oven and light up the fireplace
When you are cooking, it will be a good idea to bake the food in the oven. In addition to being healthier, an oven can help warm up your home. Remember, to leave the oven door open when you have finished cooking as it will give more heat.

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