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Living à la Hadi Teherani: contemporary design and high-tech

Fusion of form and function as well as concentration on the essentials – this is the aspiration of the premium brand LG SIGNATURE. For a year now, the architect and designer Hadi Teherani has been living in his Hamburg apartment with an OLED TV, a washing machine, a refrigerator as well as an air purifier from the innovative collection.

Hadi Teherani is a famous architect, his buildings – which include the “Berliner Bogen” at the Berliner Tor, the “Dancing Towers” at the Reeperbahn, the “Docklands” at the Northern Elbe near the fish market – have left their mark on Hamburg’s modern cityscape. However, he also designs furniture, luminaires, e-bikes, cufflinks, nesting boxes and even gardens. His style is minimalist and elegant. When he’s not out and about travelling the world, the 64-year-old lives in his apartment on the Alster river, where he surrounds himself with things that are both beautiful and functional.For a year now, the creative designer has been testing devices by the premium brand LG SIGNATURE in this environment.

- Hadi Teherani is a renowned architect who has designed many well-known buildings such as the “Dancing Towers” in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn and the “crane houses” in the Rheinauhafen of Cologne. Furthermore, he is also a product and interior designer. His goal is harmonious, atmospheric spaces that can be sensually experienced. © LG Electronics

LG SIGNATURE products are characterised by their extremely reduced aesthetics. This contemporary look has a big impact on perception: Although the devices are actually there, they blend in discreetly with the interior, making them near invisible. And this is something that a design fan like Teherani truly appreciates. But of course, it’s also about function. After all, users also want a device that works perfectly without “asking questions”. Which is precisely how Teherani approaches his architectural projects: “We too believe in ‘form follows function’ – where form represents beauty, the mantle of the underlying function. I have no use for a device that is beautiful and elegant,but not state-of-the-art. That is why I think the motto is universally valid. Even though this is not always the case in the market, unfortunately...”

What is amazing is that it was possible to bestow each LG SIGNATURE product its own unique character. The TV is as minimal as a piece of paper, the air purifier looks like a robot that could interact with its user, and the washing machine with the big porthole combines the demands on design and functionality.

The OLED TV in Teherani’s apartment has proven itself particularly during the football world championship: “I had 35 guests over, which were seated both upstairs and downstairs,” Hadi Teherani recounts. “All of them had a clear view, regardless of where they were seated, because the colours and contrasts were clear and precise.” The difference between this device and a conventional TV is that black areas are really black and the viewer is, so to speak, drawn into the picture. “It’s as if you would put on glasses and suddenly see everything more sharply – a great feeling,” Teherani adds.

The combination of technology and design is especially successful when it comes to the washing machine, where you can immediately see that it can do more than conventional devices. Hadi Teherani has this to say: “Ergonomically speaking, the machine is simply splendid, the laundry is placed into the porthole, which is ideal. For someone like me with a relatively small household who travels a lot, it offers great added value: The TWINWASH system allows me to also wash small loads in the blink of an eye. With regard to energy efficiency and time savings, in other words sustainability, this is perfect.” Another step towards energy savings is the “knock-on” function of the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator. Thanks to the InstaView front, a double knock allows you to see what’s inside without opening the door and thus wasting energy. In actual fact, refrigerators have become somewhat of a status symbol in recent years. In many films you can see a large refrigerator, for example when a beautiful loft is shown in one of the scenes. There is no longer any reason to hide them. Last but not least, Teherani has also tested the LG SIGNATURE air purifier. For him, the air purifier is one of the best designed objects of the collection: “It stands there like a helpful friend and cleans the air. The colour display immediately shows you what the air quality is like. It is really noticeable and visible. And, of course, it further underlines the sense of well-being when you not only breathe in good quality air, but actually see it in the form of the LED colour display.”

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