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Madeira: an island called home

When we think of an island, a piece of land surrounded by water immediately comes to mind. We normally associate islands with beaches, nature, and ancient customs. When we think of Madeira, we think of all these ... and something else; we also think of it as home. After all, this is what the locals think of the island. But it's not just them who feel at home here. Over the years, Madeira has had an impact on visitors and for many it has already become the ideal destination to spend a few days of their holidays at or settle in a world of peace and tranquility.

Madeira has never let the traces of modernity escape its roots. It boasts cultural, entertainment, and leisure facilities, ensuring the necessary infrastructures for everyone to have the best comfort, well-being, health care services and education. It easily blends with the traits of what is ancestral and what is modern; the traits of what is tradition and what is avant-garde; the traces of what is history and what can come from building a future.

Madeira never ceases to amaze the island's visitors and residents thanks to its enormous hospitality. The island also displays an enviable range of options for those who want to get in touch with their adventurous side and go on discovering the island. Wonderful locations, such as the Church of the College, the Cathedral, Cabo Girão and Porto Moniz will all attract everyone's attention. In these sites, the most beautiful landscapes will present themselves and the legacy of the island will surface with ease.

Starting from this worldly heritage and moving to the telluric world, we will find the Laurissilva Forest, chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This journey - which never ends - finds an eternal anchor in the traditional Embroidery Factory and the sensory freshness of the "old-fashioned" products at the Farmers' Market. Take no notice of those who think that these are only once in a lifetime experiences.

Every day, Madeira will offer travellers and those who live on this island reasons to go back to these places and experience special moments. Because, after all, every day brings a different light at sunset and a new day dawns with a different word uttered on the lips of the locals.

But the island of Madeira is not only about the sun, spring or sunset. When the night falls and the stars are shining, in a true spectacle that crosses the sky in a very unique pattern, the island remembers what it is like to be young again. Bars and cafes bring out their customs and laughter; music and intense sensations. The casino invites you to try your luck with a good Lusitanian hope. The party is thrown with little or almost nothing and every day is celebrated with the same joy.

Joy is also what makes the hearts beat faster on the days when Madeira celebrates. The annual calendar of this island promotes moments of intense revelry. In fact, every celebration is unique and special. The Carnival in this island offers one of the most typical allegorical parades of the country.

The Flower Festival dresses the streets with colourful rugs and floral decorations that celebrate natural beauty. The New Year's Eve, which is an immensely acclaimed party in the world, brings a record number of audiences together. Apart from these celebrations, there are also other festivities, such as the Christmas traditions and the Wine Festival.

Wine, just like food, is not a feast that is done only once a year in Madeira. On this island, every meal deserves to be celebrated and is thus served with a bountiful generosity. The region's traditional cuisine is rich in its flavours with a vast and tasty range of specialties. Flavours such as Meat with Wine and Garlic (Carne de vinha d'alhos), Tomato and Onion Soup, and Açorda (bread-soup) are all irresistible. Besides these dishes, the fresh and unique flavours of the sea also make seafood and fish the kings on any Madeiran table. In order for your mouth not to just taste of salt, sweets such as treacle biscuits and Queijadas will cause any visitor to find more reasons to settle down in Madeira for good.

Being an excellent investment opportunity, this island also prides itself for its political and financial stability, which go hand in hand with a very wide offer of properties for sale and rent. Being the apple of the locals' eyes, this is an island that is home to anyone who wants to live there.

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